Monday, May 16, 2016

Sneak Peek into craft room

Ok, its going to take  longer than planned to organize my crafts's the shelving system I told you about. I LOVE IT!!!! no more moving stuff, no move shoving, no more switching......
EVERYTHING is connected and ready to play!!!! LOVE IT!! LOVE IT!!!

Top shelf:  Knfty Knitter looms and storage cases(pre made scarfs)
2nd shelf: Cricut Expression and storage boxes(yarn)
3rd shelf: Silhouette and HP all in one printer
4th shelf: Cricut Explore and Cricut Imagine
Bottom shelf: computer tower, Epson Artisan 1430 wide format printer and Brother laser printer

The wire shelving unit is 60"w x 24"d x 72"h and its on wheels!

Plenty of room for my regular mats and I can pull it out when I want to use the longer mats.
The computer is to the left and to the right are some jetmax cubes and then my crafting area.
LOVE LOVE the set up. Don't You??????
Where did I get this HUGE industrial wire shelving unit???
I ordered it from WalMart its:

              #SHE24605Z (it also comes with the leveling feet if you don't want the wheels)

WARNING!!!!!!! it weighs over 100 pounds!!! I had it shipped to my house(free shipping). My son and I really struggled getting this HUGE box in the house and into my craft room. OK, I got it now.........ha ha ha ha ha ha ha  NOT!!!!!!! HELP HELP HELP!!!! it will take TWO PEOPLE TO PUT IT TOGETHER!!!

it doesn't take long and I love it!!
FYI- read the reviews theres some tips on an easier assembly( add the poles as you work your way up) and about those plastic disks ( you don't need them) what a relief cause they were smashed....
Well, with that out of my way. I need to reorganize the rest of my crafts...bye...

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Craft room arrangement

OK, I think I like the new set up of my craft room. I had to order a shelving unit and that will arrive Friday, so HOPEFULLY by Tuesday my craft room will be DONE!!!!!!!!!!!! There's not much  I can do until the shelving unit arrives but I'm really liking how my room is looking. I can't wait to show you. When this shelving unit gets set up its going to make all the difference when it comes to crafting......Even my family couldn't believe it just dawned on me to set up my craft room this way....after how many years of crafting?????  DUH??!!
Well, that's all I'm going to is cheap and seeing is BELIEVING..........stay tuned........

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Craft room

Yesterday we finally moved my sons bed and "stuff" out of my craft room. I finally have my craft room back.... or do I ???? Before the remodel and my craft room becoming a storage room, I was in the process of rearranging/organizing my craft room and I thought I had it set up the way I wanted. NOT!!!
After several months of not being able to craft and finally really seeing my craft room today....NOPE! I don't like it, I don't know what I was thinking. I'm going to have to start all over. I don't mind either, at least I'm back in my craft room. That's the BEST Mother's Day gift I can receive!!!!! I'm back in my craft room again!!!! I'm BACK!!!!!!! it's been a GREAT MOTHERS DAY!!!!

Monday, May 2, 2016

OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!

Now what am I going to do??  is going out of business!!!!!!!!!!

its the only place I know that sells American Crafts cardstock by individual color. uugghh!!!!
SO SAD!!!!! I really liked their prices and quick delivery.  At least I have enough cardstock to hold me over for awhile until I can find something else.