Monday, July 25, 2011

My Hero - Thank You

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I'll spare you the long dramatic story.....Heres a card I made for a co-worker
Carts; Everyday Paperdolls(x-ray tech), Paperdoll Dress Up(hero),Stand and Salute(my hero).
SU cardstock;Baja Breeze,Blush Blossom, Not Quite Navy,More Mustard, Cajun Craze, Whisper white and Basic Black and LSS brown and SU designer paper Not Quite Navy
other supplies; black vellum, Chomas Creations silver glitten gel pen,  black gel pen, Diamond Stickles and SU embossing folder Square Lattice(cape) 
The hero as you can see is on a suspended card....he spins when you open it and the xray tech is on the reverse....Isn't that CUTE!!! He was my Super(man) hero xray technician...all in one!!
Notice the tiny "R" on the hero....its .37"h. I love how the glitter pen glissens!!! (thats his first initial)
Don't cha just LOVE the xray!!! I traced the skeleton suit(paperdoll dressup) with the black gel pen on white cardstock and then cut out a rectangle about 1" from the black vellum ran it thru the xyron and attatched it to the ribs of the skeleton and cut around it. TA DA!! an xray....ROTFLOL!!!

Tiny Roses

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I  know everybody has been making these and I just LOVE a tiny challenge..LOL
I saw this video on utube and gave it a try.

I used light weight yellow cardstock and inked the edges with a pink marker and glued the layers with tombow glue. George and Basic shapes 5 petal at 1".

I then did these and used hot glue....Nope, don't like the hot glue makes them to stiff.

I plan to get out my scraps and make a bunch of these....for what? ROTFLOL!! I don't know ....they are just so pretty and FUN to make.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Which? What? Fonts

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Uuugh...Don't you get TIRED of asking yourself those questions all the time:
Which carts have fonts?
What kind of fonts are they?
You end up flipping thru all your handbooks... That gets old very fast, so you make a list for quick reference

Duh? you still have to look at the handbooks or flip thru the carts on the time consuming, pretty soon you just start sticking to one font. After while you forget the other carts have fonts. So I put my creative brain in gear and with Chomas Creations MICRO mini marker and SU glossy white cardstock(8.5x11) here's what I came up with. LOVE THIS IDEA!!!!! Now I know what carts have fonts uppercase and or lowercase and what they look like!!!! With the micro mini marker and my gypsy I traced (size .75 or 3/4") every font/type each cart had.
 BRILLIANT IDEA HUH!!!!! I saved the file for future fonts...LOL
Chomas Creations micro mini markers are the coolest markers!!!!


Now instead of looking thru 14 carts for fonts I have 3-1/2 pages. I put my samples back-back in plastic sheet protectors and they're in a 3-pronged notebook. 

Heres why the Chomas Creations micro mini marker is the coolest. I didn't know the DonJuan cart had this font "stitch". OK, I knew about the font but with the cricut markers it didn't look stitched to me...LOL but with the micro mini marker YES!!! I LOVE this font!!! Look how cute... you have to use the MICRO mini marker, it has a super fine tip!! the mini marker isn't small enough and I couldn't get the gel pens to work. Isn't that cute...clic on the pic...look at all those little dots...

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Couldn't "CONTAIN" myself

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ROTFLOL!!! I LOVE containers!!! I'm addicted to them!!!
So several weeks ago...I thought to myself...What containers do I have???
I looked thru all my carts and cut each one out and this is what I have so far......

Tags, Bags, Boxes and More(17)

All Wrapped Up(10)-Imagine cart.

Imagine More Cards(4)-Imagine cart

Best Friends(1)-Imagine cart


Spring Holiday Cards(4)-I cut just the boxes

Plantin Schoolbook(4)

Yummy(1)-Imagine cart

Buccaneer(1)-Imagine cart

Lifes a Party(10)

I LOVE this COFFIN!! LOL I got the paper design from the Buccaneer cart-I'm using this for Halloween!!!

Wrap it Up(50)- I HATE these containers!!! you don't get the layers so your containers look incomplete!! YUCK!!!  someone on the cricut board suggested that you use the layers for the card then shrink it down to fit your container(you would need a gypsy or DS to do this). These are the main containers, out of the 50...these are the 3 I will use and try to do the above. Don't get me wrong, this cart is SUPER for cards!!! but for containers its not worth it!!!in the photo below you can see some of the containers from this cart..I didn't make them all...I was getting to upset how unfinished they were looking. 

Did you ADD it all up??? theres 103 containers...ROTFLOL!!!!

Out of all those I'm only going to be using 96 of them...the others were either repeats or I didn't care for it

Now I will put all these keepers in a bigger container and when I need a container...I can "see" what I have a choice of.....Pretty Smart HUH!!!!! Want to do this too.....heres a tip!!! After I cut each piece I wrote the: cart, page#, key# and size. That way when I decide what container I want to make I can see where I got it from....

HELP ME!!! I have enough containers RIGHT? NOT....I want Tie the Knot and Sweet Tooth.....aaaaarrrrrgghhh.......

Friday, July 15, 2011


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Been wondering what to do with this cart. The pictures are so pretty!
I made some containers: boxes and bags and best of all a chest. Aren't they GORGEOUS!!!! I was just playing around so these are mini versions..LOL..the "wooden" chest is from Lifes a Party cart and the boxes,bags are from  Wrap it Up cart.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

PART 2 - Chomas Creations-pens,markers and EMBOSSER

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OK!!  ready for part 2......(remember part 1 was done on cardstock, posted last week)
In case you missed it...
row 1- Cricut marker
row 2- Chomas Creations mini marker
row 3- Chomas Creations micro marker
row 4- Chomas Creations gel pen
row 5- mini highlighter(lol had to try it, it fits in the mini marker holder)

1st column 1" , 2nd column  1/2", 3rd column 1/4"

EVERYTHING was traced(cut) only ONCE.
the above is the same order for all pictures...

part 1-plain white cardstock

PART 2-Stampin Up GLOSSY white cardstock(WARNING-if you use the cricut markers DON"T DO ANYTHING for a few seconds till the ink has time to dry, it will smear-this was a do-over cause I didn't wait)
I changed the font (I had to try out my new cart "Cursive 101"  LOL)

VELLUM-it has a greenish tint( I have white cardstock behind it)

NOW!!! TA DA!!! DRUM ROLL........
the Chomas Creations EMBOSSER!!!!!! round of applause....clap clap clap....YAAAHOOO.....

I KNOW!!! Isn't that the COOLEST NEATEST EMBOSSER!!!! I only traced(cut) it once!!! I put blue cardstock behind it so you could see it, the EMBOSSING on the vellum that is.....ROTFLOL!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Thinking of you

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A dear friend of mine LOVES LJS, so any time I find coupons I make a "special" card and send it to him.
I used the Imagine and Buccaneer. Isn't that pirate the CUTEST!!!!
The pirate is cut at 2.5 and his sentiment is cut at 1.3 and the background is 4"(rounded corner square). The inside was done on the computer. The card is SU cs Brocade Blue. You can't tell but the pirate is pop dotted.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Rockets in a Jiffy!!!!

Funny  Story....I was at the doctors the other day and Good Morning America had Martha Stewart on and she showed these rockets...hummm...I like those, I'll have to get her magazine....I come home and while blog hopping I come across    and she has a video of  her version on these rockets. So naturally I had to do my own version...LOL...Its all done with the gypsy and expression.
carts: George & Basic Shapes(rectangles 5.5w x 4h), Stand & Salute(July 4th 1.86h, stars .84h),Gypsy Wanderings(half circle 5.52w x 2.83w)
Cricut markers-red and blue
cardstock- white(12x12) and blue(8.5 x 11)
pkg red tissue paper - cut 5.75w x 8.5L (fold in 1/2)
2-boxes of mini glue dots
2-rolls of red tacky tape
tombow glue
This is the finished rocket( I made 40 to take into work)

clic on pic to enlarge

On the gypsy this is layer 1-the main design

now for layer 2 your going to hilite each rectangle from layer1 and copy it to layer 2, keep the eye open from layer 1 so you can align them up.


for layer 3 hilite each of the 4th July from layer1 and copy it to layer3, keep the eye open on layer1 so you can align them up.

for layer4 your going to hilite the stars from layer1 and copy them to layer4, keep the eye open from layer1 so you can align them up.

layer5 is the half circles

OK! Now your ready..**.load your mat with 12x12 white cardstock and check your setting, your blade should be in and leave layer1 alone, go to layer2 and CUT your rectangles.....OK! RETURN TO DESIGN (do not unload mat) and go to layer3 take your blade out(carefully-don't move anything) and put your RED marker in(make sure you have a piece of scrap paper under the marker when your putting it in so you don't mark on your design once the marker is in remove the scrap paper. RESET your setting (pressure 2, speed 3)   and cut(print) 4th July. RETURN TO DESIGN(do not unload mat) and go to layer4, put your scrap paper under the marker and carefully without moving anything take out the red and put in the blue marker. your setting should be ok, since we're just switching markers. Now cut(print) your stars.take out the blue marker and put your blade back in.... NOW you can UNLOAD MAT!   Take everything off the mat and put your blue cardstock on and go to layer5 reset your setting for the blade to cut and cut your half circles. ** repeat as many times as necessary.
As you can see at the top I scored it 1/4" and fringed it thats where you'll put the glue dots to hold the cone.

on the back side of the design at the bottom run a thin layer of glue and add your crepe paper(folded end on glue).  Run a piece of red tacky tape along one of the ends and form your cylinder. Bend the fringe out and add glue dots.

with the 1/2 circles form your cone, when I had my cone shape the way I wanted it. I marked the edge so I'd know where to put the red tacky tape. Then shove it onto your cylinder....LOL those glue dots grab fast , I tried to line up the seams...since the cone won't come off...I added candy thru the bottom and slightly twisted the crepe paper closed. 

HOPEFULLY, I didn't leave out any steps....ROTFLOL!!!!

It's Pretty and it was QUICK! VERY PATRIOTIC!!!!
THANKS TO PAPERBOUTIQUE I didn't need MS magazine.....LOL