Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sympathy card

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Oh...so so sad.......My SIL father (who's like a grandpa to me) has gone home with hospice. I decided to start on my sympathy cards for the family.  The sentiment was done on the computer.

The dove is from Beyond Birthdays cart cut @ 2.25"h
On the inside the wings are from Gypsy Wanderings cut @ 2.69"h, angel is from A Childs Year (font): a @ .96"- N @ .70" - G @.76" - e @ .72" - L @ .76"  and the halo is from George and Basic Shapes (ovals) outer ring @ 1.13"h and inner ring @ .83"h.

this is how I welded it together - cut it out of white glossy cardstock

then welded angel together and cut it out of blue cardstock
when you weld your letters together slide them over and make sure they fit on the wings(aligning your "G's")

I cut an extra halo out of gold metallic cardstock and traced the angel with stickles and put pop dots behind the wings and slightly curved up the wings for dimension.
Sorry, I'm not sharing this file.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


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I improved my twine storage/organization. I know I just redid my twine last month, but I was sitting at my craft desk staring at the bucket of twine and I thought...NAW! thats not going to work..I'm going to be putting more twine in there and I won't be able to see them ALL......hhuummmm.....What can I clip those clothes pins to so that I can see them and yet have room to expand (I'm always thinking about the future...LOL)  AH HA!!!! PERFECT!!!!

MATERIALS: 1x4 board,  saw, sandpaper, drill with 1/4" bit,  (2)  1/4" dowel rods 36"long and (spring clip) clothes pins(from previous twine post)

This is a DIY project...SUPER SIMPLE!!! I did it myself thats how simple.
This is how I did mine:  1x4 board cut at 19-3/4".
The 1x4 board is roughly 4" wide I measured in 2" from the long edge and drew a line down the middle.
I wanted my first hole 2-1/2" from the short end, mark it on the center line. Took the drill with 1/4" bit and drilled a hole all the way thru the board. From that hole measure 5" and mark it and drill, do the same for the other holes. Now take your dowel rods and I wanted mine to fit on my craft desk I have a shelf above so I cut(saw) the dowels at 16" so I only needed 2 dowel rods for now.....if you have a lot of twine now or will in the future...LOL I plan on replacing and NOT cutting the dowel rods and keeping them  36"L  therefore I will need 4 and they would sit on my jetmax cubes behind me....ROTFLOL!!!!! See how I plan for the future......anyway...I slightly sanded the end that was to go in the base. Put your dowel in the base and add your twine. TA DA!!!! you have your own TWINE TOWERS!!!!!!

here are the labels I made. I had to relabel them because the name was upside down. I trimmed them down and taped them to the clothes pin

I had 4" dowel left over so I clipped a clothes pin to it that way I wouldn't wrap the twine to tight

wrapped the twine (notice you can read the label when the clothes pin is flipped the other way)

my TWINE TOWERS....notice the EXTRA ROOM for MORE...ROTFLOL!!! I sort of organized them by color.

close up...the twine isn't wrapped tight so I clip them off and on.....and the way their stacked and staggered I can get to them easily. Some of the pins have 5 yds and some have 10 yds. STILL PERFECT!

TWINE TOWERS on my craft desk

I know I need to paint it...ok, I'd have to paint the base then the dowels then the clothes pins......ugh...LOL NATURAL WOOD IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!
WELL, one thing leads to another....I'm redoing my ribbon now.....LOL stay tuned.....

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Birthday card

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My nephew loves soccer and his Birthday is coming up. I took out my cricut "ALL SPORTS" cart and made him this card. The player is cut at 4.2"w and the Goal is cut at 3.7"w. The inside was done on the computer.

and yes, he will SCORE ..$10....LOL!!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Twine organization

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Duh! I made all those backpacks and used embroidery thread instead of my twine....aaarrrgghhh....out of sight - out of mind....I forgot about it.
This is how I use to store my twine...in a matchbox

then I had them stored in one of the 3-dr jetmax cubes with my ribbon. Its hard to see the color of the twine.....

So I SEARCHED! theres not much on twine organization....so I checked embroidery and found this on youtube:


YES!! I LOVE THIS!!! this is PERFECT!!!

I ran to Wal-Mart and got the wooden spring clothespins (50 for $1) came home and made my labels on the computer and got to work....oh, thats 5 yds of twine ea....PRETTY HUH???

and put them in a LARGE clear bucket (from Hobby Lobby)

Now this bucket sits on my craft table so I can SEE IT and USE IT!!!ROTFLOL...notice all the extra room for MORE twine...LOL....I have more on the way and my clothespins are labeled and ready

I joined a twine share on the cricut MB about 4 months ago, got my share and stored it (out of mind) and didn't remember I had twine till I noticed it was time for another share.....HA HA it was one of those Oh Yeah!! I have twine!!! I haven't used it YET! and I'm getting another share...I LOVE TWINE!! now that its on my craft table maybe I'll use it instead of collecting it!! HA HA HA HA I know your probably thinking how can I forget when it was in my ribbon drawer.......Thats EASY...I forget to add ribbon to my projects...I need to work on that too....LOL...I'm a HOPELESS crafter....ha ha ha