Wednesday, August 29, 2012

More Backpacks.....

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Ok, I made 30 backpacks earlier for a gathering at was I made 10 more but this time I used the Best Friends Imagine cart for the designs and of course the backpacks are from Lifes a Party cut at 4.7". Why only 10 more you ask??? I work in a hospital and theres about 20 co-workers during my shift and the rest is for anyone that might wonder on to my unit...LOL

Did I say how much I LOVE CARDSTOCK WITH A DESIGN!!!  projects look so much better with a design than a solid color......Oh they are filled with lifesavers and I'll pass them out Monday- Labor Day. Ha Ha Ha...get it?......a backpack to help lighten their load of labor ....ROTFLOL!!! thats what I'll say too when I hand them out.....he he he  he....

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bubblegum Backpacks

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OH MY GOSH!!! This was so much fun!! I'm really starting to LOVE the Imagine!!
I made 30 of these backpacks from Life's a Party cart cut at 4.7" and with the Imagine and the Bubblegum cart I printed each backpack with a different design....OK theres only 20 designs I had to repeat some of the designs. LOL. I used embroidery floss for the straps and tie and they each have 4 lifesaver candies inside.  Aren't they GORGEOUS!!!!! Thats cardstock!! you can't buy cardstock with a design!!! I didn't want solid colored I finally got creative and used my Imagine. ROTFLOL!!! I hope you all weren't thinking of the Bubblegum that you chew.......ha ha ha I'm a paper crafter I'm talking about the Imagine cart Bubblegum!! Don't you just love those designs??? Their so Bright and colorful!! I love this cart!! I made the backpacks for a little gathering we're having at work...I hope I made enough....

this is the back and side

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

PPPorky Pig

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ROTFLOL!!! one more pair of earrings....I saw Porky in the silhouette store as a print and cut and HEY!! SUPER SIMPLE DARLING earrings!!! I couldn't resist......Can I say I'm going to take a closer look at all the print and cuts....LOL!!! He was cut at 1.25".
Remember its cardstock I copied it twice then mirrored copied it twice (my earrings have a front and back). I applied a thin layer of modge podge to all the pieces, let it dry and glue together. You have earrings...HA HA HA.   OK more earring for awhile...yeah right....he he he

Thursday, August 2, 2012

earrings..last 2 pr.

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OK..OK.. this is it for earrings.....until the holidays get closer...ROTFLOL!!!!
I used my silhouette and they're jpeg images I found on the computer and cut at 1".
FYI- earrings are made out of white cardstock.  I cut 4 images.. my earrings have a front and back! with a lite coating of modge podge. if you want to see my other earrings look under "jewelry" to the right.

Be prepared to be bombarded with FLOWERS! ha ha ha... I got the cricut Giant Flowers cart and can not wait..... I LOVE flowers especially since I have a black thumb...paper ones will live forever and no watering required...LOL!!!!