Sunday, October 28, 2012

Beary Bee-utiful Birthday card

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Birthday card for my niece.
From Teddy Bear Parade cart cut at 3.75"h  I used vellum for the wings and added glitter and liquid pearls in the flower and embossed the background and added ribbon. The inside was done on the silhouette and I made the envelope - isn't the paper adorable? it goes with the card LOL


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween card

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My Halloween cards.
I used Teddy Bear Parade cut at 3.75"(LOVE THAT CART!!) and added glitter and embossed the background using Skeleton Scroll . The inside was done on the Silhouette!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

50 bottles of BOOS ....

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ROTFLOL!!...........50 bottles of booze on the wall 50 bottles of booze, you take one down and pass it around, 49 bottles of booze on the wall.......HA HA HA!!! remember that song?? OK don't answer that...LOL
GEEZ!!! This was very time consuming...but I LOVE the outcome!! and my co-workers will really love it!! This is what I'm taking into work next week. I got the idea off of pinterest..well sort of.. they used a glass bottle and put lights in it..LOL!! I'm sure you all of seen it. Anyway they had these bottles in the silhouette store (which are on SALE) and I got to work.....for the last 2 weeks! aarrgh...but they are OFFICIALLY DONE!!!! whew.....!!!
Everything was found and cut with the silhouette...I cut the bottle at 3.41"w x 4.83"h ( I cut the lid slightly larger cuz it was a little to snug) and the ghosts are from the Halloween charms - I just cut the loop off.  The ghost charm was cut at 1.50"h x .99"w and the lil ghosts cut at 1.07"h x .83"w ( I used a black marker to dot the eyes) and the label is cut at 1.36"h x 1.61"w and I used Storybook font. Then wrapped some twine and its DONE!!! I know they're kind of big I made a small one but it was really hard making sure it was really all glued together cuz I'm going to put some M & M's in them and I didn't want it coming apart.LOL

and here's the other 49 bottles of boos....ROTFLOL!!!

OK I've got to get to work on my Halloween cards...Where has the time gone?? Oh yeah!! I was busy with the boos........HA HA HA!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween earrings

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I've been super busy working on my treats to take into work next week. I needed to take a break and make some earrings. The Silhouette store has halloween designs on sale so I noticed the halloween charms ...hhhmmmm...those look like earrings...ROTFLOL!!!!
I cut the spider at 1.18"h x 1.08"w and the pumpkins at 1.54"h x 1.01"w and the ghosts at 1.44"h x 1.02"w (eyes .70"h x .75"w blk circles).  I added a thin layer of modge podge to make them more is only paper after all.....LOL!!! Remember I cut 4 designs, my earrings have a front and back!!


OK! enough playing...back to working on those treats for work....wait till you see what I'm making!!! My co-workers are gonna LOVE IT!!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Organizing AGAIN!!!

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I wish I could craft MORE...but I LOVE organizing MORE!!! ROTFLOL!!
I've seen a lot of  "Clip it up's"  in use and saw this video and I was sold!!!

I went to my Wal-Mart and got this

I went to the garden dept to get the plastic dish and NOTHING!!! argh....
think think...think...OH! This will work

then went to Michaels and got 4 pkgs of these

Went home and started my plan in action. The pie tins are PERFECT size. I cut a 1-3/8" hole in the center and covered the sharp edges with painters tape

FOLLOWED the DIRECTIONS to assemble the shoe tree (super easy). I LOVE that every layer

Found a perfect spot in my craftroom for it

Added my ribbon- theres about 20 bobbins per layer and its about 1/2 full

close up view- I took a pair of needle nose pliers and gripped the bottom of the "s" hook near the clip and then took regular pliers and grabbed the top of the "s" hook and twisted it. Now ALL my clips hang sideways instead of facing forward.

In the first pie tin tray I put all my flock

2nd tray is my stickles/glitter glue

and the top 3rd tray has the shoe tree handle(I didn't like it on there) and the lil wrench thingy that came with it to.
My cubes are stacked 3 high and I'm tall so I can see in the 2nd tray. I LOVE this organization.......
OH GOOD GRIEF!!!!! where's my wired ribbon???aarrgh...its still in the drawer...OK! uhm....the flock and stickles will go back to the drawer and my wired ribbon and ribbon scissors will go in the trays. Problem solved...Heres another dilemma... I'm having a very hard time deciding??? Do I add my Twine or not?? as you can see the "clip it up" isn't full I have plenty of room.....I would wind the twine on the same type bobbin as the ribbon.....WHAT SHALL I DO??? and what do I do with the twine with 2 colors ex. blue/ I put it with the blue ribbon or the yellow or clip it up on top...???

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Birthday card

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My nephew will be turning 8 and he likes drums. So I made him this card. I used Everyday Paperdolls and cut the drummer @ 3.83"h and I cut the drums @ 3.76"h added a little bit of stickles and his name was done on the Silhouette out of vellum. The Numbers are from A Childs Year cut @ .73"h and the 8 was cut @ 1.25"h. Musical notes are from Gypsy Wanderings @ .65"h. The sentiment on the inside was done on the Silhouette.

OK, I've thought of another organization idea...gotta go put my plan into action..ROTFLOL!!!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Anniversary card

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The card was made with the cricut Sweethearts cart and the lil Starbucks latte and the sentiments was done with the Silhouette. I LOVE how these 2 machines work TOGETHER!!!!
The sweethearts were cut at 4.05"h and the latte was copied at 1"h...LOL!!!I know you don't drink a latte with a straw but the couple is in love and are sharing...LOL (straws made with strips of vellum)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Playing with Teddy Bear Parade

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OH MY!!! You have to get this cart. I wasn't a teddy bear fan but when I saw this cart and all the cute accessories. I couldn't resist!! choke choke...I even paid full price..LOL..I've had this cart about a month and I was waiting for the update so I could use my gypsy. Well, then life got in the way and I wasn't able to TODAY I bit the bullet and updated my gypsy which I haven't done in about 9-12 months and ALL went well THANK GOODNESS!!!! So I played.....I LOVE TEDDY BEAR PARADE!!!!! I cut the bears at 3.75" and it all came together so nice and easy!!! I LOVE IT!!!! these are just a know when you put something together and you have one of those "Oh, I should have done this or that ....".  The future bears will be getting a makeover LOL before my Halloween cards go out....This cart is so much fun...I want to make one of each bear...but that will take awhile.....the holidays are upon us and I've got to get started on my projects.

Aren't they ADORABLE!!! I love all the layers.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Ribbon storage/organization

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I'm TRYING to get into embellishments....
I had some ribbon, not much....but after organizing....LOL I went and got some MORE!
Now I better start using it.....ROTFLOL!!!!
recognize this....

at my work we get a lot of  paper forms and this "cardboard" is on the back....I used to throw it away...GASP!! shame shame I know....but I SAVE them now!!! and the other day I was thinking....hmmmm...what can I do with this??? OH I KNOW!!!!!

its a cardboard "spool". Using my cutter I cut 3" squares then I cut 1/2" in and down, you can't see it but theres a 1" slit down the middle.
I then gathered all my ribbon old and new..and wound them on my new spools....slide one end in the slit and secured the loose end with a bobby pin (the bobby pins were a little tight so I slightly pried them open so it wouldn't "dent"  my ribbon). 

When all is wound and DONE!!!

PRETTY HUH???? notice the new "ribbon only" scissors they stay in the drawer so I won't be tempted to use them on other things...LOL.....Yep, I'm still in the process of getting MORE colors...
The drawer is the 3 dr jetmax cube and I added the jetmax dividers....the ribbon spools in the far back are wired and I didn't want to bend it so I left them as is. Theres 16 sections.......My dream is to have one color per section....ROTFLOL!!!
Now that thats done....time to move on to brads....Don't laugh but I don't have any.....Can't wait to see whats available....and how to store/organize them....ROTFLOL!!!!

this WAS the old way....I used to store my ribbon....YUCK!!!!