Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Valentine treats

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Here's the treats I'll be taking into work on Valentines, I've got 20 of them done....about 20 more to go..LOL
I used the Spring Holiday Cards cart for the container cut @ 2.75" (I used my gypsy to hide the slash marks on the front). The cupid is from the Sweethearts cart cut @ 2.50" and the sentiment is from the Imagine cart Better Together cut @ 2". I'll fill them with the candy hearts. I put the cupid on one side and the sentiment on the other.

Monday, January 30, 2012


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Geez! I had to make myself craft....I'm just not in the mood.  Here's my Valentine cards(I made 12).
I used the "swiss dots" to emboss, the heart shaped earth is from the imagine cart "better together" and its pop dotted with SU dimensional and cut at 3". The quote was done on the computer and cut out by hand (GASP! I know, thats why I want the Silhouette). The heart on the inside was also done on the computer and trimmed with red glitter glue and again cut by hand (eekk GADS!! all this cutting is driving me crazy). See, thats why I ordered the Silhouette.  So it'll PRINT AND CUT my sentiments, I LOVE ALL MY PC PRODUCTS TOO MUCH to neglect them. We will ALL CRAFT in harmony and I'll be a HAPPY CRAFTER!!!!  LOL

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

BAD GIRL!! BAD GIRL!! I'm in the dog house....ROTFLOL

I've been a BAD GIRL!!!! Oh My Crafts has a 25% off (code-SS25 ends tonite) PLUS free shipping in USA(ends 1-29-12) WHAT?? no more FREE shipping with orders over $75!!! I couldn't WAIT any longer.....
I may be in the dog house!! (cause I was suppose to wait till Easter or on my tax return) but I'm not STUPID!!! Who can pass on a BARGAIN!!! Yeah, OK I'll be in the dog house for awhile but I'll take the computer and the Silhoutte with me.........he he he......ROTFLOL!!!!! I'm SUPER DUPER EXCITED!!! 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Playing with Silhouette

OMG!! I'm having fun "learning" the Silhouette. LOL!! I don't have it YET! Hopefully by Easter....I've been having so much fun...I don't know if I can wait that long......Someone suggested that I download the FREE software and start playing so I DID!!!! ROTFLOL!!! heres the link (BUT WAIT...theres more...... you'll also have access to the designs in the library too....BUT WAIT THERES MORE...they have weekly "free" downloads) HURRY What are you waiting for....This is FANTASTIC!!!!


OK, THINK NOW!!! don't be like me, I downloaded the software and DUH!!!
 I need the instructions!! so download the manuel. heres the link


and let your CREATIVE FUN BEGIN!!!!!!

Here's my practice pieces... The words and shape will print then it'll cut just the outter edge of the shape. ISN'T THAT THE COOLEST/NEATEST THING?????
I saved them in my library so when I do get the silhouette...I'm READY!!!
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Heres some other links about the Silhouette if your interested. I have these "saved" as my favorites






and the list could go on and on...LOL..this is just a sample. I'm addicted to anything Silhouette!!!
Watch  "you tube" silhouette cameo video's and be AMAZED!!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


To make a long story short....(yeah right) my oldest son needs to move back home. He moved out last Spring and well, he's decided to go back to school and he can't afford rent and school. So I was willing to give him back his room and move back into a little corner in my Moms sewingroom. Remember I turned his room into my craftroom. He doesn't want his ol' room, he wants the "guestroom". The guestroom consists of a daybed and the computer/office center and of course a private bathroom. OK!!! I moved the computer center into my craftroom and tho it's a little tight.
 I LOVE MY NEW CRAFTROOM even more!!!!!! Everything is a lot closer and within reach.

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old room


                                           notice the empty spot to the left of the computer..
                      that's for the SILHOUETTE!!!LOL

SEE...LOL...I can reach everything literally......ROTFLOL!!!!

OK, I had to give up the sewing cabinet, it went back to storage and I gained an ironing board but its worth it! I LOVE my NEW area and especially when the Silhouette arrives in about 3 months!!!! WHOOPIE!!! 
EVERYTHING IS CLEAN/ORGANIZED after about a 2 week transformation I can FINALLY start crafting again!!!!!!  

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year - New Craft TOY

OK! Let me just say..I LOVE MY PC PRODUCTS (expression/gypsy). I WILL continue to use them and love the cartridges I have.....BUT.....due to all the problems PC has had with their products and updates and everything.  I have finally decided its time for a NEW CRAFT TOY!!!! I'm REALLY HOPING the Easter Bunny will bring me a Silhouette Cameo!!! I"ve seen lots and lots of videos and blogs and I want a Silhouette so I can play with FONTS!!! The video links below is what convinced me I NEED ONE!!!! Just think you wouldn't have to buy anymore stamps..YIPPPEEE!!!! These videos are so COOL!! and theres so much MORE you can do too......I can't wait for Easter!!!!!
This first video is my favorite!!!





OK- saw this one the other day....aarrrgh... is it Easter yet???? this was SO NEAT!!!


Aren't these videos the NEATEST THING????? WOWZA!!! I can hardly wait.....

With the Silhouette I can print tiny letters/words then cut a shape around it and won't have to worry about my expression eatting it up...LOL...no more buying stamps either, I can design my own!!
Yeah I know, I've used the pens/markers with the expression to "write words" but its such a PAIN spacing or welding and its not a single line font and you have to color it in yourself or leave it as is.....The Silhouette will DO ALL THAT for me....it can't get any easier.........I'm SO EXCITED I don't know if I can wait for the Easter bunny.... income tax refund comes A LOT SOONER...ROTFLOL!!!!!!