Wednesday, May 30, 2012


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I finally have a "green thumb"!!! WAHOO!!! in paper that is..LOL but that is fine with me. These will last forever. Everything you see is made of paper:  flowers and pot. WOW! is my creativity going to BLOOM....ROTFLOL
the flowers ; yellow-gypsy wanderings cut @ 1.76, purlple-george and basic shapes cut @ 1.50 and the pink- designers calendar cut @ 1.75   leaves;  plantin schoolbook cut @ 2.25 and don juan cut @ 1.77
The flower pot was done on the Silhouette and I got the file from the store.

Heres my pots, I'm still working on the flowers for the other one.

heres views of the flowers in the pot

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


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I am very proud of this gives CRICUT PRIDE!!!
LOL...I proudly showed my family my greatest achievement.....they want me committed...ROTFLOL....they thought I was crazy but this project pushed them to realization.....I am crazy and I LOVE MY CRICUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I used Car decals and green vinyl for the wording cut @ 1.36w x .76h and the cricut heads cut @ 1.33w x 1.37h
I painted a 1.5" wooden block and the cricut is attached with foam dots.
Now he has a place of Honor on my craft table.....Isn't he ADORABLE!!!!!
if you scraplift a bigger block...cutting the vinyl will be easier


Tuesday, May 15, 2012


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Oh, My GOSH!!! it is taking me FOREVER to organize my new craftroom.... I am determined to get super organized. I keep getting distracted tho..LOL...
I came across this.....

GEEZ.. thats a lot of floss.....OK! I am NOT cross stitching anymore and I've held on to this for a long... long...time . No more, its got to go. I know someone that would like to have this, she does embroidery. She would LOVE to have it............uuummmm.......BUT WAIT!
 LOOK what I did................................................... :>     

ROTFLOL...I TWINED IT!!!!! he he he...I made my own patriotic twine!!!! am I a crafter on a budget or what!!! HA HA HA!!!!
What? how did I do it you ask? Well, let me tell skein of floss is 8yds and has 6 strands. I halved (1/2) the strands, I slightly unwrapped the skein and grabbed 3 strands in one hand and I handed the other 3 strands to my son and we pulled the whole 8yds apart. I did this for all 3 colors. Then rewrap the 3 strands on a bobbin. Do this for all 3 colors, you should have 2 bobbins of each color. Am I making myself clear? do you understand what I'm saying? LOL
Then take your 3 bobbins(red,white,blue) and stack them as shown above and I used the ironing board and *tape down the end and holding the bobbins together just start flipping (twisting/turning) the bobbins until your happy with the look. I placed a towel under my twine but you don't have to, anyway I slightly sprayed it with starch (so it won't unravel) then ironed it then slightly rolled the twine back and forth so it would be round and not flat and started wrapping what I'd done on a bobbin*.....repeat * till floss is gone...

TA DA!!!  8yds of Patriotic twine.....of course its really 16 yards cuz you still have the other half to do..LOL...VERY PRETTY HUH???????

OK, do the math??? am I a budget crafter??? ROTFLOL!!!!!!
P.S. I'm KEEPING the floss.....HA HA HA  floss = twine
I watched a few YOU TUBE videos and I don't know why they were coloring the bleeds and didn't look right(I know I tried it...LOL)....just twist colors together...its A LOT EASIER!!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wedding Gift

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A wedding gift for a co-worker....Naw..I'm not late, their still on their honeymoon...LOL
It's a Gold charger plate with black vinyl - (wedding colors: black and gold)
The font on the rim is Lyrical letters cut @ 1.5"h and in the center the font is from Cursive 101 cut @ .68"h and welded together.
I hope they like it...I have a hard time being creative for wedding gifts.

Mothers Day card

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GEEZ!!! I moved into my new craftroom several weeks ago but I'm still not set up, everything is a mess. I'm TRYING to really organize my space as I set things up. In the past its always been put that there and put this here and I'll organize it later cuz I really wanted to start crafting....and Guess what? Later never comes....LOL
Anyway, I had to pull some things out to make my Mom a card and I'm SUPER HAPPY how it came out:

The card is a 5 x 5 sq card and I did it on my Silhouette (the file is in the silhouette store) and the inside was done on my Cricut I used the MS Seasonal Cake and it was cut @ 4.09w x 3.38h.
Pretty Huh? I'd add some bling but I can't find them at this moment...LOL

Friday, May 4, 2012

Bye Bye Birdies...bird nest update

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OK, My birdie watchers....Sad times have come...the birdies are 17 days old....they'll be leaving the nest very soon. This is probably the last pics I'll be taking. Now that they have gotten bigger when they see me... its "Stranger Danger" time they sink way down in the nest. I don't like scaring them so I'm keeping my distance. They sit on the edge of the nest and really flap their wings and stare out into the wild blue yonder...I expect them to fly a way within the next couple of days.....It's really sad knowing it's time for them to leave. I've really enjoyed sitting out on the patio watching them.....Then again good riddance! they have really mad a mess on my shade and screen...LOL!!