Monday, August 29, 2011


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A friend of mine is in the hospital. I made this card for him
Carts; Create a Critter (deer), Lyrical Letters (letters), Pooh and Friends (grass), George and Shapes (frames)
Cardstock LSS; white, beige,brown,black and green
Brown flock- I flocked the deer, isn't it ADORABLE!!
Chomas Creations blue mini marker

Thursday, August 25, 2011

thinking of you

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Decided to make some cards to send to family.
SU cardstock;lovely lilac,summer sun, regal rose and glossy white
LSS; beige,black, metalic silver cardstock and vellum
Chomas Creations; black mini marker and embossing kit
I cut the pencil (smiley cart) @ 3.39h. notice on the yellow part of the pencil I took my stylus and scored lines to give it ridges like a real pencil and hi-lighted it with ink. I didn't care for the black band below the eraser so I cut a strip of silver metal cardstock instead. The wording on front the letters are from plantin schoolbook @ .75h and I used the chomas creations black mini marker on glossy white cardstock.
I wanted to do something different inside. So GLAD I did, I LOVE EMBOSSING!!!! Chomas Creations Embossing kit is the GREATEST!!!! OH MY!!!! Embossing is going to be my new thing!!! I LOVE IT!!!
the letters are from plantin schoolbook @ .50h and I put a 3.75 x 3.75 frame around it so I would know where to cut but I liked the embossed frame so I took my trimmer and trimmed around the frame. the spiral design in the corners are from Don Juan and I put those there to hide the glue dots. Neat idea huh? I like the play on words too.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Picnic basket pattern - for gypsy no welding!!!!

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 I emailed Patti about her pattern and she says I can SHARE!!! THANK YOU PATTI!!
YES, you read it right... NO WELDING!!!! oh, I tried!! but I couldn't get the shapes to weld together I turned up the dimmer in my brain to FULL bright power and this is what I came up with....ROTFLOL!!!!
I used the George cart but you can use any cart with similar shapes.

Take this square and put it on your mat: real dial size ON(leave this ON ALWAYS!) and size it 5.50x5.50. Now turn the chain link below the height/width OFF- this will be your main square

take another square and put it on your mat and size it to .62 x .62 - this will be your spacer
then I took the capital I and put it on your mat and size it to 1.75h x .05w and turn it 90 degrees-this will be your cutting line

Now take your cutting line and move it inside the main square and GROUP the two together
take your spacer(not grouped) and move it to the top corner of the main square.** Align the top of the spacer with the main square corner and move your cutting line just below the spacer   - now move your spacer and place it just below the cutting line. Go back and make a copy of your cutting line and move the copied cutting line just below the spacer. Move your spacer and place it just below the cutting line, copy your cutting line again and place it just below the spacer. REPEAT ** for the other 3 corners.
When done you should have six cutting lines on each side and a gap in the middle.

OK, lets work on the middle- take your spacer and re-size it .50 x.50 copy it.(not grouped)** take the first spacer and place it just below the third cutting line from the top and place it on the outer edge of the main square and take the second spacer and place it above the third cutting line from the bottom and place it toward the edge. Copy one of your cutting lines twice. With your copied cutting line, rotate it so that one end is touching the outer edge of the spacer and is touching the outer edge of the main square and the other end is touching the third cutting line. **repeat for other side. When done delete your spacers.

the top half of your pattern should look like this- everything should be (grouped) blue.

the bottom half should look like this

the whole pattern-

for the lid: get a square and size it 3.25w x 3.50h this is your lid, get 4 more squares and size each one .50w x 1.50h these are your cut aways

place the 4 cut aways into each corner of the lid(aligning the edges) and GROUP THEM (4 cut aways and lid)

Handle: take a square and size it 7.50h x .62w

TA DA!! You now have a picnic basket pattern!!HOPEFULLY, I explained everything correctly so you understand. I'm not very good at explaining..... it will all fit on an 8.5 x 11 cardstock


To score and to put it together PLEASE refer to Patti's blog-


Friday, August 19, 2011


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With Patti being so creative/talented and posting the pattern with measurements.  I was able to create her pattern on my gypsy and now I have my own picnic basket.  I'm not sharing the file... for more info go to Patti's blog at:

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Miss You

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Long story short....I'm having some health issues and haven't been able to work for several weeks and I'm going to be out for several more weeks........So I made this card and will send it to my co-workers...
Carts: Pooh and Friends, Cursive 101
Chomas Creations: mini sharpie
cardstock: scraps
card : 8.5x11 folded in half 
vellum and glue dots
Eeyore was cut at 4.46h, Piglet was cut at 4.91h the letters on front were drawn at .56h and inside at .61-.75h
I LOVE that EVERYTHING was done with the expression/gypsy!!! Thanks to Chomas Creations pens/markers I no longer have to go to the computer to print the sentiment. Isn't that COOL!!!!

close up of the printing on vellum....

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

GORGEOUS beyond belief

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ROTFLOL!!!! I amaze myself sometimes..... I'm VERY creative..
As you know I designed an octagon box....How many of you thought this was pretty? NOT!!!!!

The lid was a little snug, so I enlarged it a tad and came up with this....the design is from the Ornamental Iron cart and I used Chomas Creations MICRO mini marker and SU glossy white cs. Isn't it PRETTY!!! I think I might add rhinestones to the sides of the lid and maybe the center.

BUT WAIT!!!!!!
Thats pretty.... lets take it further........
NOW this is what I'm talking about.....GORGEOUS beyond belief!!!!!!

I recut the box with SU glossy white cs and then went back with the Micro mini marker and drew my design.
Isn't it GORGEOUS??!!!! Oh, I had to make a new lid too.

I'm speechless!! I can't believe I created something so GORGEOUS!!!! I wonder how the glitter pens would look??? or maybe emboss it???? WOWZA!!!! OK, I'm done....

Monday, August 1, 2011

Hexagon vs. Octagon

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As you all know I LOVE CONTAINERS!!
On the Cricut MB someone made a GORGEOUS container. Link below

WOW!! I'm going to try and make that on my gypsy......
ROTFLOL!!!! DUH! STUPID!!! she made a hexagon...thats 6 sides....I made an octagon...LOL thats 8 sides.......OH WELL!!! I like mine BETTER!!!! I didn't weld the sides to the bottom or to the top....That way I can "change it". BRILLIANT!!! Aren't I!!!!!!   It still needs to be tweaked, I'm a profectionist!! but I thought I'd show you what I've done so far.
The octagon shape is from George and Basic shapes cart and the sides on the container and lid are TAGS from Tags, Bags, Boxes and More cart. How EASY is that??!!
I used white cs for my test cuts but they weren't coming out to well on the camera so I'll show my multi color box I was working on.(I decided I didn't like the purple w/green and yellow and there were gaps on the it's a do over)




Now for the lids (I inked the edges)-




I know, I know, my box is NOTHING like the link I showed you. She INSPIRED ME though!! and one day...Yes, I'll make a HEXAGON box....I'm just excited that I made a ain't easy!!!! I'm not good with numbers obviously...LOL!!!!  I'll post again with the perfect box...hopefully soon!