Friday, June 28, 2013

Hooded Scarf

Some of the females in the family are under 10 yrs of age and I decided they wouldn't like a ruffled scarf, so I'm making them a hooded scarf with Bernat Boa yarn - color Chick
OH MY GOSH!!!! I don't think I'll every go back to regular yarn when making scarves....this Boa is SUPER SOFT!!! I LOVE IT!!!! I used two skeins together (2 as one) and used 22 pegs, flat - e-wrapped. Folded the scarf in half and sewed the seam from top - down 10".  ALL the children in the family will be getting a Boa scarf (different colors of course) - females hooded scarf and males regular scarf. Then I'm going to make ME a hooded scarf and a regular scarf...HA HA HA!!!
FYI - for a regular scarf I don't think I will double it, I'd just use 1 skein.
I'm working on another hooded scarf, when thats done then I'll make a regular scarf.
This Boa yarn is so fuzzy theres no front or back......WARNING!!!!  because this Boa yarn is so fuzzy if you drop a stitch you'll have to start all least for me, I couldn't find the stitch the yarn is too fuzzy. It happened to me twice...but the e-wrap is so quick it doesn't take long to get this project done.

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Ruffled scarf

I just LOVE these scarves....SO PRETTY!!! I'm making these for every female in the family this year for Christmas plus extras to sell....ha ha ha....I'm not a pink person but WOWZA this came out so GORGEOUS!!!
its the Red Heart Boutique Sashay yarn and the color is TUTU. (I used one skein)
if interested I followed this video except I used every other loop

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I'm starting another one, color is DISCO......these scarfs are addicting....

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Get Well card

ROTFLOL!!!! I have to show you the card first...then I'll explain

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A friend of mine was branding his cattle....the cow kicked him, my friend kicked the cow back and so the cow kicked him again....and now he (my friend) has to have knee surgery. MEN!? ROTFLOL!!!
I used Create a Critter and cut the cow at 2.83" and I cut the milk at 1.93". The saying were done on the silhouette. I embossed the front of the card with Broken Branches and the milk is covered with vellum.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Anniversary card

This is for my Brother & SIL anniversary. I used the Sweethearts cart, cut at 2.50"h. I heat embossed the mans shoe and tied it with embroidery floss and added glitter on the womans shoe. The inside was done on the silhouette.

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Monday, June 10, 2013

Birthday card

I made this for a friend. I used Pooh and friends  cut @ 3.75". The speech bubble and inside sentiment was created on the silhouette.

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FYI - look at tigger! notice his tail??? its the could make this for someone turning 2yrs old and say something like......."I can "tail" your 2 yrs old"....LOL!!! just thought I'd share a creative idea...

Had to add the envelope....LOL!! its my tigger envelope...Ha Ha....
made it with the MS mini score board (A2 size)