Wednesday, July 11, 2012

more earrings...

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Luckily you can never have enough earrings....LOL I'm having too much fun!!!
The coffee cups are from Imagine-Better together cut at 1", butterflies Imagine more cut @ 1" and the Icecream cones from Imagine-Kates kitchen cut @1.5".
Snoopy was cut with the Silhouette from a  jpeg cut at 1.5" and Mickey is also a jpeg cut @1.5"
As I've said in a previous post these earrings have a front and back and are coated with modge podge
*FYI: The earrings are made out of plain cardstock ( I use 8.5 x 11 Wausau Bright White 65# from Office Depot)

Monday, July 9, 2012

a potted plant farewell....

A co-worker is leaving so I made her a potted plant farewell.
The flower pot is made with the silhouette (the file is in the store) and the flowers were done with: Gypsy Wanderings, George and Basic Shapes and Plantin Schoolbook. The edges were inked and bling was added.

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tweet earrings

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Never thought my paper crafting would turn into jewelry. I'm having a BLAST with earrings....
Using the silhouette and a digi. I sized them down to 1.5".  I made fronts and backs...I have short hair, you can see my earrings coming and going...LOL!!! Added a thin layer of modge podge to protect them.
When using modge podge you have to be QUICK! ONE SWIPE is all it takes, otherwise you'll smear the ink.
So I wouldn't poke a hole in their head I got some scratch pieces of cs and poked a 1/8" hole then a 1/4" over it and glued it between the fronts and backs.

heres my Tweet earrings
(yes, the feet on the back are a brighter orange, I had to use a marker to touch them up)

While I was at it..
Heres my "gloomy" Eeyore earrings....ROTFLOL

HA HA!! I'm an equal opportunity crafter..I've made earrings with the cricut Imagine and now the Silhouette. I LOVE THEM BOTH!!!

Monday, July 2, 2012

PEAR of earrings

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ROTFLOL!!!! I burst out laughing...just thinking of these.
How would you say it: Heres a pair of pear earrings or heres a pear of pair earrings....LOL!!!!!!
I used my Imagine and Kates Kitchen Imagine cart....YES!! the Imagine!! Bet you didn't know you could be a fashion diva with the Imagine.he he he....I'm just getting started.....Anyway I sized it down to real dial size 1.5 cut 2 (theses will be the fronts) save load last  but this time flip them and cut again (these will be the backs) They'll see your earrings coming and going...HA HA HA!!!!! glue fronts to backs then for protection...after all it is just cardstock I added a thin layer of modge podge to fronts and backs wait about an hour and poke a small hole and TA DA!!! You have a PAIR OF PEAR earrings.....ROTFLOL!!!!!!!




these are the wires I have mine on -their 3/4" kidney wire

OK, excuse me...I have to go and make a bunch more of a pair of somethings....LOL!!!