Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter treats

Just in the nic of time..I found this cut in the Sil store-Bunny Box- (FYI- it doesn't come with a face) if I do say so myself I think I did a pretty good job on creating a face!!  I made the whole project into a print and cut...I was in a hurry and WOWZA!! it came together SUPER DUPER FAST fold, glue and your done!!! I sized it to 7.50"w x 7.795"h just big enough to hold a 2x3 treat bag of jelly beans. I made 40 of them to take into work. I did the sentiment with the cuckoo font-FYI dont make the font so big...leave room at the bottom to attach a pom pom that would really be cute. This was an after time...LOL
 PS - with my wide format printer I was able to print 2 on a 12x12,,,

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here they are ready to go, I just need to put the treat bags in them..

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Birthday cards

A couple of Birthday cards I made using Everyday Paperdolls. The sentiments were done on the Silhouette.
The first card - Cheerleader was cut at 4"h and I tied pink twine in her hair. The 8 on her outfit was cut from Plantin Schoolbook at .64"h. The pompoms I cut 3 times decreasing each layer 3/4" and I colored them with pink markers.
The dump truck was cut at 2"h and I cut two of those in different blues and cut them apart and added liquid pearls in silver for the bottom of the truck and I used Distressed Stripes embossing folder for the bed of the truck and inked it. The 67 was cut from Cursive 101 at 1.59"h and the yrs was also cut from Cursive 101 at .72"h and welded together. The road I cut 2 one in black and one in white and I took the white dashes out and put them in the black. Theres a piece of vellum in the window and on my gypsy I sized some circles for the tires and cut those in black.

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Do you remember every card/project you've made???

With age comes memory loss...LOL....I've been making cards/projects for several years and before I got my blog I didn't know you were suppose to take pictures of your projects.....OH WELL....its never to late to start ....The other day I was trying to think of a card for a friend and...I have a lot of  friends!!! I wanted to use the cricut Teddy Bear Parade cart....WAIT!  didn't I already send that one?? who did I make that one for??? or what about Easter....what project have I made???? Heaven Forbid you make the SAME THING AGAIN!!!!!aaarrrggghhhh...............
So I came up with a "PROJECT BOOK"  . Do I hear ya saying DUH???? I don't recall ever seeing something like this.....if you have...SHAME on you for not reposting it and refreshing my memory..ROTFLOL!!!
I got a 3 ring binder and plastic sleeves and cardstock and post-it note tabs(you'll need one for every occasion/ family member/friend/anniversary). Here's how I did mine.....

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notebook-label was done on the computer

plastic sleeves with white cardstock inserted

post-it note tabs for every holiday and special days

for privacy purposes I won't show family/friends tab names, but now put a tab for every family/friend and their anniversary-----when I was doing mine for example I put a tab for my brother then a tab for his wife then a tab for their anniversary.
I shrunk the pics to 2"h and taped them to the cardstock,  pics are not in order.
it's the cards/projects I've made over the years at one glance!!



my Mom's tab (birthday)

my brother and sil anniversary tab

WAIT!!!! I just had another the top of each family/friend/anniversary page put their date of birth or anniversary date. So at a glance you'll know their age or how long they've been married. 
I hope I've explained this well enough for you to understand and create your own book... : )

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Holiday earrings

Just in the nik of time...LOL
I made some St. Patrick and Easter earrings.
I found the patterns in the silhouette store.

I also bought some new ear wires, I found them at Michaels. This is what the box looks like and to the left is what they look like. I pinch them closed (the little ball falls off but thats Ok). Their a lot easier to get on and off.

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All the earrings were cut at 1.25"h

this one is too small...maybe 1.50" next time

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Easter cards

I had a CRAFTING DAY!!! Haven't had one in ages, it felt GOOD!!!! Got my Easter cards-12-done!! WHAHOO!
I used the Imagine cart Best Friends for the clouds and that was printed 5"x5" sq and trimmed down to 3.75"w x 5"h and rounded the cut side with a corner punch. Inspired Heart for the cross was cut at 2.62"h  black cardstock and WHO KNEW? Inspired Heart has phrases!!! YEP!! the risen phrase was cut from VINYL....yes, vinyl!!!! I tried cardstock but the letters were too delicate and was messing up trying to get them off the mat and how would I glue it down. The xyron was also a I trashed the cardstock and started over with VINYL!! PERFECT!!!!! OH MY GOSH!!! I'm going to stock up on vinyl!!! its so.....easy. I don't know why I didn't think of it before....   the phrase was cut at 2.12"h. I LOVE how the card came out!!!

clic on pic to enlarge

ROTFLOL!!! I love the sentiment on the was done on the silhouette.

and here's the envelope - MS mini scoreboard

I am SO GLAD I KEPT MY IMAGINE!!!! I almost got rid of it...GASP!!

Friday, March 8, 2013

St Patricks Day card

Here are my cards (12). I used Wild Card for the Oh Happy day cut at 4.60"h and Designers calendar for the shamrock cut at 1.65"h and glittered. I used George and Basic shapes for the white circle cut at 3.54"w x 3.30"h and used the cuttlebug "bubbles" embossing folder. The inside was done on the silhouette and the edges were inked.

clic on pic to enlarge

I forgot the envelope - done with MS mini scoreboard