Thursday, June 28, 2012

4th July card

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Heres my cards for July 4th, I made 11 of them.
The outside of the card is done wth "Stars" embossing folder and the flags/banner are from "Enjoy the Seasons" Imagine cart cut @ 2". I added some blue ribbon. The inside of the card was done on the silhouette. I found a firecracker image on the computer and I added the sentiment and had the silhouette cut it. I colored it w/distress inks and glitter.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Are these "Perfect" pearls????

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I was youtubing the other day and GOOD GRIEF! I have to try that.........
Try what? making my own pearls, different sizes too... LOL

YEP! it works and they are PERFECT!! Their perfect cause I used this

Can you say perfect pearls for perfect pearls......ha ha ha ha......

Heres the video:

Isn't that the HOTTEST thing????
I had to run out and get a HIGH temp glue gun....yes, High temp works better and I only had two pearl powders so I HAD TO get more....ROTFLOL
For me, I can't do anything random, I need a guide. So I made one.....

Now all my hot glue dots will be the same..hopefully..sorta...close enough....he he he
I took the guide and I slipped it under my (oven) nonstick mat which is almost transparent. I started making dots just like in the video. I did one row then dipped my finger in the pearl powder and rubbed it on the dot.( I thought the brush wasted too much powder) repeat - dip rub dip rub until the row is done. then do another row.
This is how it looks


OK, when I started popping them off with my fingers, the powder was coming off....uugghh....BUT WAIT!!! I saw on another video that if you put them in the FREEZER for awhile they won't stick to each other it sets the glue.....HEY!! wait a minute what does this have to do with the powder? keep reading.. I'm getting I carefully took my cricut spatula and scraped them off and put them on a piece of cardstock and put them in the freezer for about an hour.  HERES an FYI.....I don't know if it sets the glue but the powders react to moisture...YES!! this is SUPER  when you take your pearls out of the freezer DO NOT TOUCH THEM!!! they're wet.....leave them on the cardstock and let them dry out about another hour or two and VIOLA!! look at those pearls SHINE and the powder is set!!!
Heres a sample of some of my pearls: Sour Apple, Sunflower Sparkle, Blueberry Rasberry and Perfect copper.......oh and I made some plain ones too...

AAAHHHHH LA LA LA....I'm in PEARL heaven!!!!
YOUR WELCOME!! Have some pearly fun!!!

UPDATE (4-25-13)
Questions about my template.
I have a program on my computer "American Greetings" if memory recalls thats what I used. I made a bunch of circles and just resize them. Or I also have this (picture below) I found it at Office Depot in the drafting section. Just trace the size of circles you need.

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Just Because card

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A card I made to send to someone I haven't heard from in awhile....
Create a Critter for the Panda and the sentiment is from George and Basic Shapes.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Nurses tags

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OK, I've made these before with all the details...we had some new nurses come in and heres their TAG (they stick these on their computer carts at work). Their names were done on the computer then cut down to fit on the needle. The tags are covered with clear contact. Peachy keen 1" faces were used.

ROTFLOL!! with my NEW craft room I've never crafted so much.......I'm having a BLAST!!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Anniversary card

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Card I made for my db and sil. Sweethearts cart ( I cut the hat off the male bird)
Pretty huh? I colored the birds/nest with tim holtz distress inks and embossed the nest with broken branches. The branch and leaves were done with SU markers. I added dimentionals behind the birds and the sentiments were done on the silhouette.

STAY TUNED....theres more.....
I'm crafting up a storm in my new organized/craftroom.......he he he

Thursday, June 14, 2012


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ROTFLOL!!! several months later.....I'm  FINALLY satisfied with my new craft room....LOVE IT!!! everyone says its too small but its "just right". The room is 7' x 12'  but my "craft area" is 7' x 9.5'. The other end is my computer/office area and it's not organized yet. Crafts do come FIRST!! LOL
When you walk in you see my cubes. LOVE JETMAX CUBES!!!

this is the opposite side. The shelfs are the freestanding units from the Container Store.

and the center,  my cricut machines on a cart.  I LOVE LOVE how I can just turn my chair and reach EVERYTHING!!!!!!


 THERES MORE!!!!! he he he......

remember the first pic of the jetmax cubes? see the 3dr cubes...9 of those drawers are empty. They used to hold my cricut if they are empty...where are my cartridges????????
I was surfing youtube and someone was showing how they store their cartridges. So let me just say I scraplifted this idea. THANK YOU whoever you are....I PRAISE your idea!!

Isn't this the BEST!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! look at all the room I have!!! each shelf will easily hold 11 carts. I put 10 so they'd be and the Imagine carts below. OH!! the cricut heads are not included....ROTFLOL!!!! it's just hanging on the door I didn't screw it on (its a hollow door) and the weight of the carts keeps it stable. Since this is my craftroom I never close the door (the door is closed for picture purposes only) HA HA
What is it and where did I get it? your screams of excitement have been heard. he he he

its CLOSETMAID adjustable 8 teir wall and door rack - model 1233 and item 335499 and its around $35. at Lowes home Improvement store. NOW RUN!!! and get yourself one!!! ok, order it online. JUST GET ONE uuhhh...some of you may need two or three...HA HA HA HA!!!!!

Now I have a new problem.....What to do with all this extra space and the empty jetmax drawers........
I need some enableing???? Any suggestions

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Birthday card

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My cousins birthday card...she's single..LOL
I used my Imagine and the Imagine cart Greeting cards Inside and Out - layers at 4". I cut out an extra "surprise" and pop dotted it. Used the embossing folder Spots and Dots and embossed the card
I LOVE this cart. You can make cards so QUICK!!

...for the inside I should of increased the size to about 5"-6" LOL

Sunday, June 3, 2012

What time is it???

Do ya think I'm addicted to the cricut?? LOL I guess that's why I'm called CRICaholic.....
supplies: 11" clock,  green and white cardstock, carts: Car Decals and George and Basic Shapes and Don Juan
I got the clock at Wal-Mart its 11" diameter. I made an 11.50" circle and a .50" circle(centered) using George and Basic Shapes cart. I couldn't get the hands off the clock so I cut a slit and slipped it on the clock and glued down the edges.  I cut out my cricut heads using Car decals @  2.50"h  and cut out the numbers from Don Juan @ 1.25"h. I started turning the hands on the clock and at every hour on the clock I glued down the numbers and cricut heads. Trimmed the excess paper around the clock, put in a battery and I have a CRICUT clock!!

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