Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Thank EWE card

Here is a sample of my Christmas Thank You's
I used the cricut Animal Kingdom cut at 3" and embossed with the Swirls and Peachy Keen Animal Kingdom face stamp then I pop dot it to the card. The tag and sentiment were done on the silhouette.
I hope my family/friends understand that "WOOLY" means really......ha ha ha

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Urgh.....the first card is the TRUE cardstock color.....I really need to make me a light box....

Monday, December 30, 2013

UPDATE - on Birthday card

OH MY GOSH!!! On the card below my youngest son LOVED it and had to show it to everyone....WELL, my oldest son got out his calculator and said it's wrong...What? I used the calculator and it's RIGHT!....Nope, I forgot to include LEAP YEAR!!! which happens every 4 years....OH FOR PETES SAKE!!! Do we have to get technical??!!!!! So for all you scraplifters don't forget to include leap year in your calculations!!!! HA HA HA

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Birthday card

Birthday card I made for my son.
Used the cricut cart. "Wrap it Up" and embossed the card with "tiny bubbles" and used liquid pearls to embellish it. The inside was done on the silhouette. I had to be creative and figure out a "high score" and figuring out his days instead of years worked out...HA HA I used a calculator....HA HA thats A LOT of days...........I think he'll get a laugh out of it.....

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Friday, December 20, 2013

Birthday card

Birthday card I made for my nephew..He LOVES football. Its an A7 (5.5 x7) card
I used the cricut All Sports cart. on the front and the inside was done on the silhouette. The goal post is from the sil store.

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Monday, December 16, 2013

Gift card/Money holders

My Mom will be giving gift cards/money this Christmas and asked me if I could make something.......Uhhhh.......Yes MAM!!!
Found gift card holders in the silhouette store and made 12 of them for my Mom. They were super easy and super quick. I used the Recollections Christmas cardstock packs and red/green cardstock along with some Metallic red and green.
The 3rd picture is what it looks like inside, the phrase is from the sil store too......only 2 of the boxes will say Mom the rest will say Grandma...HA HA HA. Didn't want you thinking my Mom had ALL those kids...HA HA HA
I really LOVE how these turned out........you know what else?? it looks like a hershey bar could fit in there also.....hummmmm....I'll have to remember that Crafty Chocolatey idea.....HO HO HO

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas cards

My Christmas cards. Its a 5x7 card and everything is in the silhouette store (even the photo corners).
It didn't come out as I thought, the front is too BLAH!  I should of glittered or used metallic cardstock on the green cut out. For the star on front I released the compound path and cut the star.
I printed the sentiment on vellum. Again I ungrouped it and cut the star separate, then ran the star thru my xyron and covered it with gold glitter then glued it in place. I put tiny glue dots in the corners of the vellum and attached my photo corners then glued the photo corners down.

I thought it was cute that I have a "presents" tree but the inside tells you that's not important. HA HA

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Moms Birthday present

My Mom turned 90 years young...Yes, she has been BLESSED!! she's in great health and even though she lives with me, she still can do things herself (no driving though). So the family and friends gathered and we had a GRAND celebration.
I used the svgcuts "thank you for the music" piano.
The patterned paper on top is from the silhouette store and then I color matched it for the music notes. I heat embossed (clear) the piano keys so they would shine. No, thats not a musical note ribbon around the piano.....ha ha....I made the trim using musical notes I found in the silhouette store, I shrunk them down and repeated the design. PRETTY HUH???
What woman doesn't LOVE chocolates and Starbucks!!!

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you can't really see it but the keys are shiney

picture below..I slightly bent the tip and applied a tiny glue dot to keep the lid up.

without the top...its nice and big and deep

I would of put the whole box of chocolates but it was getting to heavy.....I also got her a new winter coat.
Not to BRAG! but my GRAND piano was the hit of the celebration...HA HA
I kept everything at its original size.

Here's the link for the piano:


scroll down on the above link and watch the video on putting it together...its really EASY!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Birthday card

This card is for my Sister inlaw. I used the cricut "All Sports" cart.
Notice the age on the hurdle...ha ha ha
I used the silhouette for the sentiments.

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Monday, December 2, 2013

Birthday card

Made this card for my niece.
I used the Silhouette. I googled "Sesame Street Count Dracula" and did a trace and cut, the candles are from the silhouette store, I added the numbers.

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Birthday card

HA HA...I know it looks like a Halloween card but its my sons birthday card. He Loves "Nightmare Before Christmas". (he has a tattoo of this guy) so I had to make a card....HA HA
The background paper and the tags are in the silhouette store and I googled "nightmare before christmas"
I did a trace and cut.
My son LOVED LOVED his card....

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Birthday card

Made this for a friend, she sews....HA HA
The sewing machine is from the silhouette store and for the inside I googled seam ripper and traced no cut.

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Thanksgiving address labels

How CUTE is this!!?? The "Turkey place card" is from the silhouette store and I turned it into an address label. HA HA HA... I made the white address area a little bit wider....grouped it(no cut) then did an offset (cut) its 3.05"w x 3.17"h. Printed everyones address on it too. This is my sample on the envelope... LOVE IT!!!

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thanksgiving cards

I scraplifted this idea from "sincitychix" on the cricut message board.
On the front -  the turkey is from the cricut cart-Simply Charmed cut at 2.35"h and the banner is from the Silhouette store "give thanks acorn banner" (giving cut at 2.25"w - acorns cut at .54"w). I used a single strand of orange embroidery  floss to thread the banner. 5/8"w ribbon.
The inside - was done on the silhouette and the turkey leg is from the silhouette store too.

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New PAPER addiction.....

Ooppss....When making envelopes I usually go to Hobby Lobby and stock up on their cheapy paper (especially when they have a SALE)....Just the other day I went to HL and got some "FALL" paper for my thanksgiving envelopes. Remember last Halloween I made address labels, well...I made Thanksgiving address labels and NOPE!! the address label got lost in the "Fall" design. OH Oh....I need "plain" colorful paper.....but I wasn't going to run back to HL which is on the other side of town.....I had to go to Office Depot for computer ink and LOOK WHAT I FOUND!!!!!!!!!!! OH! So PRETTY!!!! and they have a lot more colors too I just got this "sample" pack...HA HA HA!!!! I know prices vary...but a 500 sheet pack comes out to .03 cents (that's THREE CENTS A SHEET) WOWZA!!! My "fall" paper from HL was .22 cents and that was on sale...LOL!! I think I'll make "plain" colorful envelopes for now on.....
FYI- Office Depot has these colors in cardstock weight too.....hummmmm...card and envelope that MATCH!  I just might convert....
I've made my envelopes and 24lb makes a nice envelope.

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Baby Shoes

A co-worker asked if I could make a baby shower goodie...The theme is Minnie Mouse and its for a girl.
So this is what I came up with.....HA HA!!!! I LOVE THEM!!!! SO CUTE!!!! and EASY!!!
I found the baby shoe in the silhouette store I sized it to 5.530"w x 9.095"h and I googled Minnie Mouse and traced/cut it at .945"w x 1"h and ran it thru my xyron then tied it with pink yarn. Theres 50 baby shoes or 25 pairs.  The actual shoe is 1.25"h x 2"w at the toe and tapers to 1.50"w at the heel x 3.50"l
I can't believe how CUTE they came out and they were so EASY to put together.
FYI- after cutting the shoe: lace the shoe (yarn) and tie then add the decorations(Minnie Mouse) then glue your shoe together...I used Zip Dry glue the the Scotch Quick Dry was not quick enough...ha ha ha

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Friday, November 1, 2013

Birthday card

Look what I found!!! Made this card several years ago. LOL here's the link:


I just updated it...the banner and inside were done with the silhouette. Of course there will be $$ inside for the "fuel".

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Great Pumpkin Patch...

Its a Great big pumpkin patch of TREATS for my co-workers.....HA HA HA
The treat holder is in the silhouette store and I shrunk it down to 7.170"w x 10.630"h. I cut the pumpkins out of "Wausau Astrobrights" orange cardstock 65lb (250 sheets) from Office Depot. I must say I LOVE THIS CARDSTOCK!!!! I've been looking for Recollections orange cardstock at Michaels for months...and months.....and months.......and NOTHING - sold out, I gave up and went to Office Depot. The face is cut out of Recollections Black cardstock and the sentiment is out of Recollections white. I made 50 treats so I still have plenty of orange cardstock left...HA HA!! I haven't done the math to see which is a better value but this is really nice cardstock.  I then added 20 pcs of candy corn to a 3"x4" zip bag. Why only 20 pcs??? I bought 10 bags but ate 3.....HA HA HA!!!! so I had to be a little stingy....
I can NOT take credit for the "pumpkin saying" I scraplifted it somewhere.....So whoever you are THANK YOU!!!

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Halloween Envelope w/ mailing address

OK OK!!! "They" were right and I was wrong.....I know everyone has been bragging about the envelope bunch board...yeah yeah...I have the MS mini score board (envelope maker on the back) and its FINE for me.  I don't..uuhh..didn't need another envelope maker. BOY! Was I wrong!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this thing!!!!! I'm an avid card maker and I always make my own envelopes. I like using the cheapy pattern paper that Michael's or Hobby Lobby have. I couldn't use a paper with a distinctive pattern(polka dots or stripes) the envelope would come out lop-sided. It drove me crazy. A few weeks ago Custom Crops was having a sale and well.....for free shipping I needed about $15 more....OK, I ordered the We R Memory Keepers Envelope Punch Board. SO GLAD SO GLAD I DID!!!! Look at the envelope....ALL those dots line up perfectly even on the back. 
Its an A2 envelope.

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I make mailing address labels too, usually just plain ones but I saw this label in the Silhouette store and said -HEY, that looks like an address label....HA HA HA
I assembled it (no cut) and did an offset (cut) then shrunk it down to 3.815" w x 3.040" h
HA HA HA!! isn't it CUTE!!!! this is a sample..the others I printed out had family/friends address printed.
I'm looking thru the whole Silhouette store looking for more "address labels"...

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Minions of Best Wishes

HA HA HA!!! Too stink'n CUTE!!! Birthday card I made for my nephew.
I googled "minion"....picked a picture and downloaded it to my silhouette - resize- trace and cut. The background and speech bubble are from the silhouette also.

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Monday, October 14, 2013

Anniversary card

Here's an Anniversary card I made for my niece. I"m embarrass to admit its all printed from the silhouette.
I've been so busy at work I'm just too tired to be creative and it doesn't help that I waited to the last minute. It came out OK...Thank Goodness....

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