Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cricut cover

OH! MY GOSH!!!! MY MOTHER LOVES ME!!!???  She quilts and LOOK what she made me ......and can you guess what it's covering???? ROTFLOL!!! Give Up? My CRICUT expression!!!!! I have tears of overwhelming JOY running down my face. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!Now I'm wondering????? Does she REALLY LOVE ME??? cuz on the Cricut MB we call these "jammies"........SO!....does she LOVE ME or is she telling me to put my cricut to bed???? ROTFLOL........she loves me....she loves me....LOL!!!
CLIC on see the GORGEOUS BEAUTIFUL cover up close

OOPPSS!! thats a sneak peak of some rearranging of my craftspace too.......

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I'm a crafter! not a carpenter!!! but I did it!!! Did what? I made a dolly for my jetmax cubes!!YIPPIE!!!! LOVE THEM!!! It measures 28.5w x 14.5 deep(I cut crooked!)LOL so the 2nd one is 29"w x 15"d (much better!!).
Supplies: 5-1x4x4(the cheapest), 12-2" heavy duty swivel wheels, 48-1/4"x2" bolts, 48-1/4"washers, 48-1/4" nuts, small can of white paint> those supplies cost about $70 and I made two dollies < you'll also need a  saw, 1/4" drill bit, drill, pencil, ruler and felt(i cut 1/2" squares for the top of the bolts so it wouldn't scratch up my cubes. NOW I can move my cubes around with EASE!!!!! LOL!!! Oh, BEFORE DRILLING-I "wood glued" all the wood pieces together FIRST(let dry) then drilled the holes for the wheels.
I also just painted the edges of the boards cuz your cubes will cover the top.

Heres the second one-I still need to paint it


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Heres the Easter treats I took into work ( I made 50 of them). My co-workers LOVED them!! I'll try and post directions later.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


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2011 Family Easter Cards
 Stampin Up cardstock; Not Quite Navy, Cajun Craze, Chocolate Chip, Baja Breeze and Blush Blossom.
Carts: Chore Chart, George and Basic Shapes and Indie Art
Embossing Folders: D'Vine Swirls and Swiss Dots.
All the wording was done on the computer.
The cross was created on my gypsy- I used the rectangles from George for the cross and the rain drop from Indie Art for the body and the wings from Indie Art for the arms. I stretched and shrunk the shapes to my likeness then I welded everything together. I used SU dimensionals on the cross too.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Who needs a new cartridge when you have a GYPSY!!!

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I designed the old version of the cricut head on my gypsy and that file is available. When Provocraft redesigned the cricut I LOVE the NEW CRICUT!! but I just wanted the new cricut not the cartridge.
What do you do? You get your gypsy and find the original cut and size it to what you want, put it on page one and then on page two you start designing. Laying your shapes on top of the original and sizing it to fit. When your design is complete move the eye balls and mouth to a different part of the mat and weld the parts of the head together then weld your eyeballs...PREVIEW and CUT!! For this cricut I used George and Basic Shapes for all the shapes except the mouth and antennas I used Simply Charmed (mouths).
The BIG cricut...LOL was too BIG! and the next one is PERFECT.  SORRY! I'm not going to make this file available.

Monday, April 11, 2011


SURELY! I didn't discover this myself!!!! LOL!!! I'd have a lot more time to create if I weren't so BUSY organizing my craft space....ROTFLOL!!!!
My cricut carts. were on a shelf...they were 2 rows deep and I was starting a third row....YUCK! when I knew this would NOT DO!!! I keep everything together and I like to look thru the handbooks and its a pain to get to the carts when they are 2 and 3 rows deep....I don't know what made me try this but I LOVE THIS!!! I went and got another 3dr jetmax cube just for my cricut carts!!!!! LOVE THIS ORGANIZATION!!! Now they are organized and alphabetized and theres room to GROW....LOL!!!
Each drawer will hold 12 (9 horizontal and 3 vertical) but you'd have to pull the drawer all the way out to get to the back ones. Nope don't like that, so I went and got another 3dr.(haven't put it together yet) Thats 6 drawers for just my carts!
I'm going to keep 8 carts to a drawer (6 horizontal and 2 verical), I'll put a syrofoam block behind the last horizontal cart to keep them up right. When I get the other cube put together and my carts ALL ALPHABETIZED/ORGANIZED I'll label the drawers too.


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Heres my brothers Birthday card. LOL!!! I scraplifted this idea, I can't remember from where...SORRY!!
I used Lyrical Letters for the words and Plantin Schoolbook for the shapes. I used SU cardstock: Handsome Hunter, Night of Navy, Sage Shadow and White. I used SU demensionals on the inside Happy B-day so I could add a little $$ in it.


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Santa Hat

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HO HO HO!!! I made a Santa hat!!!! Using the KNIFTY KNITTER long looms. I used the purple long loom with the clips. White and Red yarn and white fun fur. With two strands(as one) of white yarn casted on 50 pegs and ewrapped 8 rows (your working in the round since your using the clips). I then cut one of the white strands and added two strands of the fun fur in it's place. So with one strand of white yarn and two strands of fun fur ewrap around another 8 rows. Then form your brim. After the brim is done leave a 6" tail and add two strands(as one) of red yarn and ewrap around 30 rows, now you'll start decreasing one from each end on odd rows. So you'll decrease then ewrap to the other end and decrease and ewrap back to the beginning. Then on even rows you'll ewrap around. You'll do this for 74 rows, you should have 6 stitches left. Leaving about a 10" tail cut your yarn and add your needle, finish off like you would a beenie. I'm AWFUL with directions...SORRY! I hope you understand. To fluff up the fun fur carefully glide your pick back and forth over the fun fur stitches several times, then go up and down over the stitches...repeat until desired fluffiness.
The pom pom- I cut a piece of cardboard 2" wide and 5" long and wrapped the fun fur around the 2" part 100 times...CAREFULLY slide it off and with a 18" piece of white yarn carefully slide it under the fun fur about the center and tie a double knot TIGHT!! DO NOT CUT THE LOOPS!! carefully spread out your loops and with your pick carefully rake along the loops not to snag them and fluff your pompom. The fluffiness will hide the loops.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Treat Bag

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A co-worker has returned to work after having a baby and I made this for her.
I LOVE this BAG (SUPER EASY!!)!!!!! I used SU designer paper Garden Green for the bag and Brilliant Blue for the lettering. I cut the letters using Plantin Schoolbook
For the bag clic the link below (Chickenscratch (Angie) has a FANTASTIC video!!

for the handle I cut some brown yarn and braided it.
The booties I knitted on the Flower Loom.(no direction yet! I'm working on it)

one side of bag

other side of  bag


Baby Boy Booties

Get Well

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A co-worker is going to have surgery and I made this card. For the outside of the card I used Beyond Birthdays for the cheerleader, Everyday paperdolls for the pom-poms and Lyrical Letters for the lettering. SU cardstock: Green Galore, Pixie Pink and Orchid Opulance. Purple 1/8" ribbon from LSS. 
Inside of card is Everyday Paperdolls for the patient and crutches and Lyrical letters for the lettering. SU cardstock Blush Blossom, Brocade Blue and Orchid Opulence. The crutches I used AC Metalic cardstock and the red socks is a red knitted scrap paper. Hair is a Brownish cardstock from LSS. The sentament was done on the computer.