Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bird nest- 8 days old

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Hello my birdie watchers....
First off.. 4 eggs were laid 3 weeks ago and only 2 survived....SAD NEWS, I know!! The 3rd egg hatched but theres no birdie...I don't know what happened and the 4th egg is still in the nest unhatched. Anyway...heres an update on my two grandbirdies..they are 8 days old since hatching LOL!! they are still fuzzy and they have their eyes open now and BOY! can they stretch their heads up now when Momma comes to feed.  It looks so cute when they are being feed, you can see two bobble heads above the nest...ROTFLOL!!!

I know its hard to see - the nest is brown and so are the birdies..
this was taken this morning

this was in the late afternoon

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

EGGS have HATCHED!! Meet my Grandbirdies...

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Two weeks ago today(Tuesday) eggs were laid...Now 2 of the four have hatched!!! I'm so EXCITED!!!
Sorry I'm posting so late but I'm moving rooms around and getting a new craftroom. BUSY BUSY!!
The babies are hard to see, they are so tiny. I'll keep you posted....
If you need to refresh your memory...clic on the link on the right side bar "mother nature-bird nest"

Aren't my Grandbirdies Cute?? they are just a few hours old....I'm finally a Grandbird....ROTFLOL

Thursday, April 12, 2012

bird nest- FYI info

OK, I did some more research and the birds that have nested on my patio are "House Finches",  heres some links about them... I should have some little peeps next week!!! YAAHOO!!!

I'm so EXCITED!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


ROTFLOL!!! Yes, I'm moving my craftroom again. Hold on! don't get too dizzy let me explain:
My ????ing (bad 4 letter word) of a nephew FINALLY moved out  and so my oldest son is moving into that room and my youngest son is going to be moving into my craftroom and my craftroom will be moved into my oldest sons room...Its the biggest room in the house!! So I CLAIMED IT!!! did you get it...??LOL
So I won't be posting any projects for awhile do to all the moves....I WILL keep you posted on the birds nest tho...ROTFLOL!! So far NOTHING new...... 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter treats

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Better late than never...I had computer problems over the weekend.. SORRY!
These are what my co-workers received for Easter. I made 50 of them. They are filled with jelly beans.
Lifes a Party cart.: carrot cut @ 7"h
Silhouette cameo for the sentiments (7labels c01087_20509, font-Felix titling)
1/4" green ribbon 


side view

Friday, April 6, 2012

Another makes 4!!!

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Another egg, that makes 4.
hopefully that's it..... I want them to start hatching..LOL

clic the link below for an update of whats on my porch, its FASCINATING!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

UPDATE - "No time to Cricut"

GEEZ!! you've got to scroll down and check out the latest updates on "No time to Cricut" post.....LOL!!
At this point I don't have time to do much of anything.....ROTFLOL

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Cards w/ Silhouette Cameo

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I know... theres NO Cricut! FOR SHAME!!! but like I said in a previous post....I don't have time to craft right attention is on a birds nest. LOL!! Easter is here and I needed something QUICK! So I used my Silhouette and from the silhouette store I used assorted bunnies(c01409_20387) and 7labels(c01087_20509) and simple tags(c00079_23067). The font(s) are Ariel and PC Thick.
Embossed with cuttlebug folder: Spots and Dots
I made 4 of each color....made them last night and they were mailed out this morning...WHEW!!!

the inside is the same on call the cards

Now excuse me.....I have to go check on my nest....ROTFLOL

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


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YES!! You read it right!! I've tried everything I could find to try and cut material with the cricut and nothing worked for my machine. Every machine is different...I accepted that....I was SUPER DUPER EXCITED when "Lovethatbug" posted a tutorial on how she cut material and IT WORKED!!! follow her tutorial and see if it'll work for you... heres the link 

Heres some Easter things I cut:
eggs-Doodlecharms cart @ 4"
cracked egg-MS Seasonal cake cart @  3.67"
chick - MS Seasonal cart @  1.98"
bunnies - MS Seasonal cart @ 2"

Aren't those bunnies adorable!!!
OK OK, I did this for my Mom..She likes to quilt and she wanted to make an Easter banner, so I cut everything out for her and she decorated the eggs with her embroidrey machine and sewed everything on.
Heres the banner she made.

WARNING!!!! I have to SHARE my cricut now....My Mom is looking thru my booklets for "patterns" for other holidays....ROTFLOL!!! heck I might even get back into appliqueing...this was REALLY FUN!!


OH DEAR!! Easter is upon us and I'm scrambleing to get my Easter things done. Whats holding me up?? you may ask....
A birds nest, ROTFLOL!! yes, a nest...a week ago last Monday a finch started building a nest and today theres an egg...I'm SUPER EXCITED!!! I have a screened in patio and this is what I see...

Isn't that the NEATEST eye level view...I just walk up and peek in...when momma bird is gone of course...Gotta respect the nest!!! I'll keep ya posted.....

UPDATE - Wednesday 4-4-12

Momma bird went to get some lunch and LOOK!!!!
another egg.....

GOOD GRIEF!! another egg