Thursday, June 30, 2011

New creative Inspirations to play with!!!!!

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OH! I'm so EXCITED!!! I got some new toys to play with the cricut and they are so COOL!!!!!
From Chomas Creations I ordered the: mini gel pen holder, gel pens, glitter gel pens, mini sharpie marker holder, micro sharpie marker holder and the embosser kit. While I was at the office supply store getting some mini markers.....Guess what I saw??? mini highlighters!!!! YES, they fit into the mini marker holder, its hard to see on the example but its BRIGHT and they come in different colors too!!!! LOL
This is a piece of cardstock I was playing on, Amy clearly states the markers are for glossy surfaces and next week I'll try them on vellum along with the stay tuned. The letters are : 1", 1/2"  and 1/4"......
I LOVE how CLEARLY the gel pen writes!!!
1) cricut marker
2) mini sharpie marker
3) micro sharpie marker
4) mini gel pens
5) mini highlighter
I don't have an example but the glitter pens really do sparkle!!!
you can get them at
and for the 4th July weekend use coupon code july11 and get 11% off.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

4th July card

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Heres my card. The Imagine makes it so EASY!! With just one piece of white cardstock. The red stripe is from Buccaneer(imagine) and the boy/wagon is from A Childs Year and the July 4 is from Designers calendar color filled from the dark blue from Buccaneer. Of course dazzleing diamonds and Crystal stickles was added for a little bling....The sentiment was done on the computer and the card base is SU Brillant Blue.
I made the envelope from Plantin Schoolbook and decorated it with some stamps I had.

Monday, June 20, 2011


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At work we got new laptop computers on carts, they all look the same its hard to tell who has what computer. So I made tags for ALL my co-workers to stick on "their" computer. LOL!! It was A LOT of work trying to personalize each tag.....
I used the Everyday Paperdolls cart for the nurse uniform, needle and shoes. I used both paperdoll carts for the hair. Lyrical Letters for "NURSE" and SU cardstock. Peachykeen stamp for the face. SU Ink:chocolate chip and going gray marker for the needle tip.The tag is 5x4. I'm going to laminate them so they don't get messed up and give them out this weekend. Oh, I did the names on the computer.

Imagine samples- layout

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OK, I'm LAZY! I don't want to go thru my Imagine booklets to find colors/patterns....On YOUTUBE there are videos on making tags...but over time they would get messed up and worn out. So I'm making a booklet.  Now I can see the colors and patterns and its protected(their in sheet protectors) . The Imagine comes with what I call dies and I don't remember the size I started out but I posted each die and filled it in black then hit the fit to page.
I did squares at 1.7 and you can get 20 colors or patterns on an 8.5x11 piece of cardstock. I "PRINTED ONLY" . This is just a sample, I did all my Imagine carts this way. I still have A LOT of ink left too!! I did the names of the carts on the computer.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


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I made this card for my cousin who's turning the BIG 5-0....LOL
carts:everyday paperdolls, best friends(imagine). Peachykeen stamps for the face and SU cs Rich Razzleberry for the card base. I used RGB to color the doll and used Best friends cart for colors/patterns to do the clothing.  Its nice that everything color coordinates so quick and easy with the Imagine!! The words/sentiment was done on the computer.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


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ROTFLOL!!! The real reason I had to have the Buccaneer cart for the Imagine.....Its the most cutest Treasure box!!! Can you Imagine adding a tag  "Your a Treasure".....LOL...I cut this at 6". I was just trying this out and used flimsy cs and didn't score it very well. Next time I'll use a heavier cs and really score it.
Heres the front ( the little (paper) pin isn't very good to hold it shut, use a mini brad)

heres the side..LOOK it even has handles!!! How cute is that!!!LOL

the all the details!!!

OK, what will a 6" chest hold???
A mini candy bar!!!!LOL!!! or how 'bout those chocolate coins?? or better yet..make it
about 7"- 8" and put rolled up money......ROTFLOL!!

Now you know you want the Bucaneer cart!!! to make your own "TREASURES"......LOL

Thursday, June 9, 2011


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A card I made for my DB & SIL.
I used my Imagine and Kates Kitchen cart.Lettering on the front is from Plantin Schoolbook cart and I color coordinated the letters from the color chart from Kates Kitchen.  The Imagine makes card making so quick and easy!!
The inside sentiment was done on the computer.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fill R Up.....

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ROTFLOL!!! I was putting gas in my car and as I was standing there watching the $$$ roll by...LOL..I thought to myself....hmmmm I wonder if I can make a gas pump.....I CAN & I DID!!!
I used George and Basic Shapes-rectangles, Gypsy Wanderings- the hose and handle, Smiley Cards for the happy face and lyrical letters for the wordings. ALL done with the Gypsy, expression and cricut markers.
I used LSS Black and gray cardstock, silver metalic for the handle and the black marker for the face/wording. I made two cause I couldn't decide if I liked the little one or "pump" it up a size. LOL!!
I have no special purpose for the cards yet!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Thinking of you

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A Dear friend of mine LOVES LJS, so anytime I find coupons I make him a card and mail it to him.
This card I used my Imagine and Kates Kitchen cart. I just LOVE that stove!! Its sooo...CUTE!!!
I put a ruler so you could see that the letters were cut at 1/2"!!! WOW!! The Imagine cut it like butter!! Every letter was cute PERFECTLY!!! if I did this with my expression some of the letters would have slightly messed up and the expression would NOT have cut the apostrophe or the dot for the question mark.  The inside was done on the computer.