Thursday, September 29, 2011


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HURRAY for me!!! I'm actually ahead of schedule, something I've been trying to do for a long time...LOL
These are the treats I'll be taking into work on Oct. 31st.
carts- Life's a Party;Coffin @7.11w x 6.50h, Gypsy Wandering;Scallop circle 1.63h, Lyrical Letters;Boo @.43w x .78h and Paperdoll Dress Up;Ghost @ 2.71w x 4.25h
Chomas Creations mini marker holder/mini black marker
clear vellum
black embossing powder
Justrite Stamps-"Witch way to the treats" 1 3/16"
1 1/4" circle punch


close up of the embossed label

inside with candy


This is how I'll take all 40 into work....

Thursday, September 22, 2011

SAD..SAD day in this house

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Oh is heart is breaking.......the little fur baby in the doorway went to doggy heaven today....She was 19 yrs. old.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

a PURS-ONAL Thank You

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Well, after being out sick for 7 weeks. I finally returned to work and a co-worker gave me a very nice gift and Bless her...every time I've taken the mini purses into work she wasn't working and didn't get a purse. So she has been bugging me for a purse and so instead of a thank you card I made her a purse!!!! LOL she was overwhelmed with DELITE!!!!!! cuz...she didn't get an ordinary mini paper purse....she got a faux leather mid size purse with a flower filled w/dove chocolates!!!! ROTFLOL!!! I cut the purse from TBBM @ 5" and embossed it with tiny mosaics folder then heat embossed it to give it the leather look and used the flower die. Added a 1/4" strap and a velcro dot to close it.
SU cardstock Night of Navy and More Mustard and More Mustard marker
Clear embossing powder
Tiny mosaics embossing folder
flower die (don't know where I got it...had it for years)
1/4" black ribbon

She was so funny....when I gave her the purse, she dumped the chocolates out.....she didn't want them to melt in her "leather" purse and then she had to show EVERYONE she got a special leather purse.....LOL!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

MS ornament on gypsy!!

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I've seen some posts with the MS ornament and HEY! I wonder if you can do that on the gypsy????
YES, you can and NO WELDING!!!! Aren't they PRETTY!!!??? and the BEST part is since its on the gypsy you can adjust the size!!!! This tutorial is for the 6"
I Like the 1st one- its double sided 6" ds paper from SU and its a green background on one side and a cream color on the other. The 2nd one is green on green.

Here's how to make yours:
on layer 1 (gypsy screen) with the REAL DIAL SIZE ON ALWAYS!  I got my squares from the George cart, but you you can use any square. You'll need 4 squares. 1st SQ= 5", 2nd SQ= 4", 3rd SQ= 3" and 4th SQ= 2". Stack them on top of one another doing your best to center them. GROUP THEM!

Turn your design 45 degrees and line it up the the 6" cross bars

You need a rectangle,  I used the George cart. size it to .50w x 9.50h, center it down the middle of your design( DO NOT GROUP IT!)

OK, we are done with this layer....go to LAYER 2 the eye on layer 1 so you can see your design. the chain link that is below the width/height turn it OFF. We need to make our "cutting lines". Get a rectangle, I used George  size it to .10w x 4.65h  turn it 45 degrees(counting from the outside toward the center)  line it up on the first square line, copy and repeat for the other three sides. Make sure that your "cut line" just touches the the rectangle going down the middle for the top and bottom. BUT they overlap on the sides.

"cutting lines"(rectangle) sizes: repeat as above

2nd SQ- .10w x 3.65h
3rd SQ - .10w x 2.65h
4th SQ - .10w x 1.65h (center)

GROUP EVERYTHING!!! close the eye on layer 1 and your design should look like this. I know it looks weird but it works.

Turn your design back to 0 degrees (so it'll look like squares instead of a diamond) get another square and size it to 6" and center on your design and group it to your design. Move it to where you want to cut. As you can see you'll only be able to cut one at a time. CUT

UNLESS!!! PRE-CUT your paper to 6 x 6 then you would not need the 6" square and you could delete it  then center your design in the 6" space, copy it and do the same for the other 6" spaces and cut 4 at a time.

To put it together, lay your design so that it looks like a diamond. Leave the center diamond a lone, take the second diamond and bring the outer points forward  slightly over lapping and glue. FLIP your design over and take the next diamond points and glue......repeat till you have 2 in the front and 2 in the back.. In this example I started on the outside and Well, you work toward the center the loops get in the way. 

Punch a small hole in the top add some string....there's YOUR ORNAMENT!!!! EASY!!!!

Hope my instructions were easy to understand. ENJOY!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

WAHOO!!! I'm going back to work!!!!

I've had some serious health problems since July 15th and have not been able to work..So sad.....but at least I got a lot of crafting done...LOL.... but now I've been cleared to return to work!!!! YA HOO!!!!! JUMPING FOR JOY!!!!!! What a RELIEF!!!! what? wait??? excited to go back to work! I still must be sick....ROTFLOL!!! I work in a hospital, who needs that STRESS & AGGRAVATION!!! me, me....I miss it....SO HAPPY I can return!!! THANKS EVERYONE FOR YOUR PRAYERS & SUPPORT!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What's in your wallet?

Ok, I know these have been around for a LONG.......time. I've always wanted to make one looks difficult, it's time consuming, etc.....I could always think of a million excuses not to. I FINALLY ran out of excuses and made one. WOWZA!! these wallets are so EASY & QUICK!!! and just gorgeous!!! I just followed this tutorial: except I used Close to Cocoa cardstock

what's in the wallet? Long John Silver's coupon....LOL

it really does feel like leather!! I inked the edges and added faux stitching with Close to Cocoa marker.
The cards inside where done on the computer.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

GAME OVER-------> ANSWER IS.......

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THANK YOU ALL for playing....No one guessed the object sad.....

REVIEW: ALL these objects = ?


YES, that's right a LANTERN!!!!! can you see the pieces ???

the base is the bottom of the coffee pot upside down and on the gypsy I hid the handle

the turn key is the T-square and the neck is the oval

the matches are the light. I had two of them because their slanted, so I hid the stick on one match and enlarged the flame then on the other match I hid the flame and put the stick upright and welded them together. its hard to see on my lantern, I glued it to far down.

Salt and Pepper shakers, I hid one of the shakers and flip them upside down and that's the "glass"(vellum) lantern.

I then took all the pieces except for the matches and copied each one and slightly enlarged the copies to form a shadow, I took the shadow pieces and welded them together to form my outline/shadow.

CUT and assembled my lantern. I used diamond stickles around the vellum to hide the glue. I used orange and yellow markers to color the flame.
OK, WHY did I do this???? I wanted a lantern because I saw this card (link below).

There are so many Biblical sayings I could use the lantern. When you search for a lantern with the carts I have there was Camp Out and Everyday Paperdolls. I didn't like those and on her card she used the Heritage cart..I don't have that one and I'm not purchasing any more carts, till I REALLY start using the carts I have. So THANK YOU LISA for your beautiful card and INSPIRING ME!!!
WELL? What do you think? Were you surprised by the answer?? ROTFLOL!!!!

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Can you do the math?? What will all these pieces equal???? I'll give you a few days...LOL
In case you have trouble seeing the pictures, heres where you can find them:
1st pic- T-square(I guess) from HANDYMAN cart > layer key> row 5 key 8
2nd pic - salt and pepper shaker FROM the KITCHEN cart> shadow key> row 4 key 1
3rd pic - oval shape from GEORGE & BASIC SHAPES cart > shift key > row 3 key 4
4th pic - coffee pot FROM the KITCHEN cart > shift key > row 1 key 7
5th pic - matches x2 from INDIE ART cart > shift key > row 4 key 2
The pictures were enlarged for your viewing.....GOOD LUCK!!!!!

SORRY I have no prizes to give away if you figure it out.  It's just for fun!!

Your the BEST

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A flip/swing card I did for my SU rep.. She is the BESTEST of the BEST!!!!
SU cs - summer sun, glossy white and Not so Seriously stamp set
Chomas Creations glitter gel pens
MS purple glitter
color pencils

 For the front of the card before cutting it, I did a mock pattern on my gypsy to figure out where I wanted the statement. The card front I used the purple gel glitter pen and cut my card as shown in the tutorial....oops! the gel pen on a dark yellow doesn't come out's a wierd color so I covered it with glitter..LOL then I took the woman from the stamp set and stamped her on the front and colored her with pencils.
On the flip side I used my gypsy to write the sentiment and used the glitter gel pen and added some bling along the sides.
These cards are fun and easy to make.
For the card I followed this tutorial

Friday, September 2, 2011

Happy Birthday

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My nephews b-day is coming up so I made him a card.
SU- cs night of navy, dimentionals
Chomas Creations - embosser kit
Imagine cart- Buccaneer, All Wrapped Up

I thought it looked a little plain, so I embossed his name on top and age on the bottom. It's hard to see the cardstock is too thick to emboss but it shows up. Oh, I used dimentionals behind the pirate.

on the inside I pop dotted the treasure chest w/dimensionals so I could put some $.

Then for the coordinated envelope I followed this tutorial, but I substituted Buccaneer for Lori's Garden.
THANK YOU KATIE!!! now my envies will go with my cards.