Monday, July 5, 2010

spinner card

I made this card for my niece and her fiance, they were in an accident. They are OK but the car received severe damage. Any way..The car is from sweethearts cart. I cut a square in the center of the card and suspended the car( cut 2: front and back) on a string. I cut the couple out and taped them between two pieces of vellum(for the windshield).  The clouds and rain are from Pooh and friends cart. I chalked the clouds and added crystal effects on the rain. The words are from Plantin Schoolbook cart.
this is the back of the front of the card. I added a bandaid from Everyday paper dolls cart.
See the string. When you open the card... the car SPINS!!!!
the words were done on the computer.
this is the inside of the card. The couple is from the sweethearts cart. and the umbrella is from designers calendar cart. I used my 6pt justrite stamp set to stamp on the umbrella. It's a BLESSING they weren't hurt. 


  1. Cute card & idea! I'm glad your niece and fiance were not hurt either. My mom was in an accident 10 months ago and it was pretty serious but thankfully she's fine now after a long recovery.

  2. Cute!

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  3. ah ha! you have a wonderful sense of humor and talent to boot. Love the card and I am sure your niece loved it too.

  4. So glad all is well. I think your card has a great sense of humor. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Awesome card! Glad your niece and her bo were alright!

  6. So glad everything is ok! Great card too.

  7. Oh my gosh that is adorable! I'm super glad they are OK though!!!!