Thursday, February 2, 2012


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I'm SUPER DUPER EXCITED!!! My cameo was delivered late this evening....She's BEAUTIFUL!!! Her name is family thought I was Silly to order ANOTHER machine....but look what she did in a few minutes.....WOW!!!! I've been waiting FOREVER for a machine to do this for my cards.

this is what I wanted to print(then cut)

this what printed (I don't know what happened on the oval)

and this is what cut!! Isn't that the NEATEST THING!!!!

For a newbie, I'm VERY HAPPY!! can't wait to play some more....
Unexpected company interupted play time and posting.....oh well, there's always tomorrow..LOL


  1. congrats on your new machine.i have not tried the print and cut yet.If you like challenges you might join for a cameo challenge.have fun with your new toy.i knew you couldnt wait that long for the easter bunny to bring this along.

  2. Congrats! She is so cute! ;) I got a new baby this week too. Just need to start playing with her.