Monday, July 2, 2012

PEAR of earrings

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ROTFLOL!!!! I burst out laughing...just thinking of these.
How would you say it: Heres a pair of pear earrings or heres a pear of pair earrings....LOL!!!!!!
I used my Imagine and Kates Kitchen Imagine cart....YES!! the Imagine!! Bet you didn't know you could be a fashion diva with the Imagine.he he he....I'm just getting started.....Anyway I sized it down to real dial size 1.5 cut 2 (theses will be the fronts) save load last  but this time flip them and cut again (these will be the backs) They'll see your earrings coming and going...HA HA HA!!!!! glue fronts to backs then for protection...after all it is just cardstock I added a thin layer of modge podge to fronts and backs wait about an hour and poke a small hole and TA DA!!! You have a PAIR OF PEAR earrings.....ROTFLOL!!!!!!!




these are the wires I have mine on -their 3/4" kidney wire

OK, excuse me...I have to go and make a bunch more of a pair of somethings....LOL!!!