Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Stickles/Liquid Pearls storage

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OK, I'm still in the process of setting up my craftroom...but this time I'm organizing as I go along. In the past I've just set it up and will get to sorting/organizing later....well, later never comes. Yes, its a bad time to do this with the holidays sooo close....but I'm sticking to my plans!!!
Here's how I'm storing my stickles/liquid pearls (liquid pearls is my newest ADDICTION!!! I LOVE LIQUID PEARLS!!)
I searched a lot of youtube channels and checked out some other sites on how to store my little bottles but I like my cheap idea better it cost me $0. I already have these file folders from when I used to store my cardstock in a filing cabinet. Here's how I made my own storage: I took a folder and cut across the width at 2" (do this 3 times) then cut that strip and cut lengths at 3.75" (you get 3) then on one end of each of those strips I scored a 3/8" tab and slightly curled it using my fingers and applied glue on the tab then brought the opposite end and aliened it on the score mark and held it with a clothespin till dry. I made 9 holders and glued 3 together then glued the 3 stacks together (when gluing the stacks together I just put glue on the 1st and 3rd holder, not the middle -to allow for wiggle room). When dry I slightly squeezed them into the dividers of the jetmax cubes and added my stickles and liquid pearls. COOL IDEA HUH??? now when I take one out they don't all fall don't have to put them in the dividers..they'll stay where ever you put them.

standard file folder

3/8" tab (I marked it so you could see it)

slightly curled


3 glued together

all glued together

squeeze into the dividers and add your stickles/liquid pearls

notice on the right side my stickles are done and upside down, this is for my liquid pearls on the left that I will also store upside down. PRETTY STORAGE/ORGANIZATION!!!

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  1. Thank you so much and so much better that having to fit a particular premade unit (x4) lol