Sunday, December 2, 2012

Cricut cartridge organization

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YAHOO!!! Found it!!! I've seen this on youtube videos and on some blogs....they said they found them at Big Lots but I couldn't find them. Anyway today I was shopping online at Kmart and LOOK! what I found!!!!! PERFECT STORAGE!!!!!! and it was available for same day pick up. So within 2 hours picked it up and came home and within an hour I had it put together. I went to work and when I came home I alphabetically put all my cricut carts in it.  PRETTY HUH??? Its PERFECT!! OOPPSS NOT!!!!
It says it'll hold 144 DVD's  so I divided that by 2 and got 72 OK I have 56 carts thats perfect.....aaarrrgghh NEXT TIME divide by 3 and allow some only holds 56 carts!!! I miss counted my carts I have 57...ROTFLOL!!! I'm not about to break it all down and take it back. I'll see if one of my boys wants it in the future...LOL....its OK for now....I don't plan on buying anymore carts for now and I'll just lay the one on top. It sure is nice though, I love how it spins and all my carts are alphabetically organized.
If anyone is interested its the Typhoon Multimedia storage tower Model # 82635716, Kmart item # 018W01115364001. its really nice and sturdy and not that hard to put together. IT ONLY HOLDS 56 CRICUT CARTRIDGES
(remember..I moved my craftroom AGAIN...I dont have a door, so I lost the behind the door storage shelves)


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