Friday, November 30, 2012

Birthday card for Mom

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My Mom is a quilter and LOVES Sunbonnet Sue and Friends. So when I saw this pattern in the Silhouette store. I knew I had to make her a card. I Love how it turned out! It was all done on the silhouette except for the embossing.

a close up...I added faux stitching and ribbon around the bonnet

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Birthday card

ROTFLOL!! made this card for my son...
I used my Imagine (yes, I'm blessed-my Imagine still works) and the Buccaneer cart. I cut the drunken pirate at 3"h and the wording at 1.9"h. The inside was on on my silhouette.

My Blog is UP and running AGAIN!!!

YAAAHOOOOOO!!!! I figured it out!!! I can post pics again!!!! I'm in the process of shrinking down ALL 660 photos ROTFLOL!!!  I was up till 2am figuring it out, but I FINALLY figured out how to shrink my photos. I resized/replaced 8 photos and I noticed I could post some new pics...YIPPIE!!!!
My old photos were 4000  or 2.66MB so I shrunk them down to 500 or 35.2KB and I don't know what ALL that means  except I can post pics again.  I thought I would have to shrink/replace them all before posting again but I only need to do a few at a time to clear up space to post.
So THANK YOU for STANDING BY while I figured this out and Luckily I didn't keep you standing to long.....LOL.
I have A LOT of errands and projects to do today so I'll post my new projects later.....

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

PLEASE Stand by....

URGH!!! I can't post pictures!! it says I've used up my space.
So PLEASE! bare with me as I figure out what to do.....

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Stickles/Liquid Pearls storage

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OK, I'm still in the process of setting up my craftroom...but this time I'm organizing as I go along. In the past I've just set it up and will get to sorting/organizing later....well, later never comes. Yes, its a bad time to do this with the holidays sooo close....but I'm sticking to my plans!!!
Here's how I'm storing my stickles/liquid pearls (liquid pearls is my newest ADDICTION!!! I LOVE LIQUID PEARLS!!)
I searched a lot of youtube channels and checked out some other sites on how to store my little bottles but I like my cheap idea better it cost me $0. I already have these file folders from when I used to store my cardstock in a filing cabinet. Here's how I made my own storage: I took a folder and cut across the width at 2" (do this 3 times) then cut that strip and cut lengths at 3.75" (you get 3) then on one end of each of those strips I scored a 3/8" tab and slightly curled it using my fingers and applied glue on the tab then brought the opposite end and aliened it on the score mark and held it with a clothespin till dry. I made 9 holders and glued 3 together then glued the 3 stacks together (when gluing the stacks together I just put glue on the 1st and 3rd holder, not the middle -to allow for wiggle room). When dry I slightly squeezed them into the dividers of the jetmax cubes and added my stickles and liquid pearls. COOL IDEA HUH??? now when I take one out they don't all fall don't have to put them in the dividers..they'll stay where ever you put them.

standard file folder

3/8" tab (I marked it so you could see it)

slightly curled


3 glued together

all glued together

squeeze into the dividers and add your stickles/liquid pearls

notice on the right side my stickles are done and upside down, this is for my liquid pearls on the left that I will also store upside down. PRETTY STORAGE/ORGANIZATION!!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Turkey-rific Thanksgiving

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LOVE.. LOVE..Teddy Bear Parade cart... I think as far as my crafting goes its going to be a YEAR OF THE BEAR!!! ROTFLOL
This is my Thanksgiving cards
I used Teddy Bear Parade cart and cut the bear at 3.25" added some liquid pearls on the feathers. (liquid pearls from Tim Holtz is my newest addiction!!!!)
The inside was done on the Silhouette. LOVE the Silhouette for printing and cutting my sentiments!!!!