Thursday, February 14, 2013

Craft room CLEAN UP and.........out

 I organize more than I craft!!!!  WHY? I have too much crafts!! Yes, thats right I have too much...thats why I'm always organizing...I have decided BEFORE I move again...LOL...Yes, in a few months I'll be moving my crafts to another room.....ha ha ha  I'm NOT going to pack all this up and move it....NOPE!!
I WILL get rid of what I don't use....
I've had enough of all my cardstock/paper!!! WHAT?? but I'm a papercrafter......
its OVERWHELMING!!! I can't stand it anymore. I took ALL my cardstock and paper out of their designated holders and am starting over.
This time I'm going to have a  KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID (KISS) CRAFT ROOM!!!!!
I have so many different brands of cardstock I'm TIRED of trying to figure out what to set the blade to on my cricut or silhouette to cut.....NO MORE!!! I don't want to play that game anymore.....I'm going to TRY and stick to ONE BRAND of cardstock and thats going to be Recollections from Michaels. I've been using it more and more lately. I really like how it cuts and its more mail ordering.
When I see the old way of storage of all the cardstock/paper I had and then see my NEW cardstock/paper organization I am so RELIEVED!!!! WOWZA!!! What a difference!!!
Below is how I used to store my cardstock the top was all my Stampn Up and the bottom was all my misc. cardstock/paper.  There were four paper holders to each slot and each paper holder had 2 colors. This was taken a long time ago (2yrs?) and I've used up some of the SU cardstock.

clic on pics to enlarge

This is my NEW "KISS" system....(one brand(Recollections),sorted by colors)

GEEZ!! Look at the difference??? SO MUCH BETTER!!!! The first 4 slots has Recollections cardstock, 3 paper holders per slot and one color per paper holder (12 colors). The next 2 slots has various papers by color - 3 paper holders per slot and each paper holder holds 2 colors (12 colors). The next 2 slots are empty then the next 4 slots has papers by theme/holiday etc. and theres 3 paper holders per slot and each paper holder has 2 (24 various papers). The rest of the slots have empty paper holders and stuff I need to clean out. I LOVE THIS!!!! IT'S SIMPLE!!!!!

close up views- I made the labels on my silhouette

Now, what to do with this mess??? (67 folders) I know compared to some of you...this is nothing...ROTFLOL!
The back row is all SU cardstock the front is different brands of cardstock/paper. Everything is sorted by color and in file folders.
 I found two watercolor tablets.....can't remember why I got them....LOL

Part of me says SELL IT! then I wonder who would want it? the other part says file it else where but then that wouldn't be making a fresh start....  I don't know what to do???? After all...I am a paper crafter we've been together for a long....time. Departing would be such great sorrow.....but then again I'm a crafter and NOT a hoarder.......ha ha ha ha....


  1. You could sell it OR you could see if a senior or community center would want it. I had a ton of cross stitch stuff and material a few years back I wasn't using anymore. I put it in a garage sale we were having and these ladies came who do projects at our local senior center. They snagged it ALL up. I gave it to them real cheap. Next time I'll just go there and donate the things I'm not using.
    You could also just plan some projects and use up a lot of the paper. Maybe cards for OWH, seniors, hospitals, etc.
    Hope this helps.
    dmcardmaker (at AOL)

  2. If you really won't use it, give it away to:
    At a crop - other crafters need it - LOL
    a person just starting out - I save mine to give to my grand niece - she loves see all the new-to-her stuff.
    Enjoy your new craftroom!!!

  3. That looks so nice! Love the new organization look!

    Do you stamp? Use distress inks? That's what I use the watercolor tablets for.

    I do suggest you sell it, fresh start! Scrapyard on Facebook is a fantastic place to sell them.

    Good luck! And congrats on your new look!