Friday, June 28, 2013

Hooded Scarf

Some of the females in the family are under 10 yrs of age and I decided they wouldn't like a ruffled scarf, so I'm making them a hooded scarf with Bernat Boa yarn - color Chick
OH MY GOSH!!!! I don't think I'll every go back to regular yarn when making scarves....this Boa is SUPER SOFT!!! I LOVE IT!!!! I used two skeins together (2 as one) and used 22 pegs, flat - e-wrapped. Folded the scarf in half and sewed the seam from top - down 10".  ALL the children in the family will be getting a Boa scarf (different colors of course) - females hooded scarf and males regular scarf. Then I'm going to make ME a hooded scarf and a regular scarf...HA HA HA!!!
FYI - for a regular scarf I don't think I will double it, I'd just use 1 skein.
I'm working on another hooded scarf, when thats done then I'll make a regular scarf.
This Boa yarn is so fuzzy theres no front or back......WARNING!!!!  because this Boa yarn is so fuzzy if you drop a stitch you'll have to start all least for me, I couldn't find the stitch the yarn is too fuzzy. It happened to me twice...but the e-wrap is so quick it doesn't take long to get this project done.

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