Sunday, January 5, 2014

Ruffle Flirt scarf

OK, tried something new.
Thanks to "ScottieMom" on the Cricut MB for introducing me to this new yarn.
here's the link
 She made a GORGEOUS scarf, so naturally I had to try.....HA HA!!!
I made mine like all my other ruffled scarfs (small rectangular loom 6-pegs and every other loop).
 PRETTY huh??

clic on pic to enlarge

The yarn is "STARBELLA FLIRT" and this scarf color is Black Spot

its not as long as the others, its a little bit thinner and not as heavy. It really ruffles BEAUTIFULLY!!  I can't wait to make some more....HA HA I don't like repeating gifts but this Christmas all the women in the family got a ruffled scarf (RedHeart Boutique Sashay)...but this "Flirt" is so pretty and it is different I think I might repeat this for next year.....and theres lots of colors too
THANKS ScottieMom for INSPIRING ME!!!!!

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  1. Your Welcome! It is beautiful! I haven't made one of the loom but will definitely be trying that! My wrists just aren't what they used to be when I crochet! Thanks for the link, too!
    Scottiemom (Lenore)