Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Craftroom packed up

Here we go AGAIN!!!
I've packed up my craftroom and moving it to another room.....Have you noticed every time you pack up your crafts despite that you get rid of stuff.....it seems to multiply! I took off from work last week to move my crafts and it took me two days just to get stuff packed. I moved into the new room and got some things set up (shelving) and the week was over......aaarrgh....so......I'm taking off from work next week and HOPEFULLY!! I'll get my crafts ORGANIZED!!!
I had a meeting at work this morning....it let out early...hmmmmm....I'm 1/2 way to Hobby Lobby/Michaels...its been awhile....let me go "look"....I really don't need anything....HA HA HA
I first went to Michaels....LOOK what I found with my 40% coupon...Sew Easy(handle) thats all they had!....so then I went to Hobby Lobby....LOOK.... I got the mat with my 40% coupon and I got some extra heads and the ruler....SCORE!!!! HA HA HA....Glad I was just LOOKING...HA HA HA
I blame this all on my Mom.....he he he.....Last week when HSN had their crafting show my Mom was watching it with me and they showed the Sew Easy.  She reminded me that when I was little I used to love playing with "sewing cards".....IF your over 50 you'll remember those cards that had pictures with holes punched around the outline and you had like shoestrings to sew in and out the holes.....HA HA.....Well, I wanted to refresh my memory and see if I still enjoy "sewing" on cards....HA HA After all I am a card maker.
My problem now is WHERE to store this???????

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