Monday, June 2, 2014

Embellishment drawer

Here's my embellishment drawer. Its the 2dr Recollections cube (it came with the dividers).
LOVE IT!!!!! It's organized by color and I have sequins, diy buttons, diy colored brads and diy enamel dots. It may look almost full... HA! theres 6 sections per drawer and I still have another drawer, so.....
each color will get its own section...Plenty of room to add MORE embellishments.
The drawer unit is to the right of where I sit to craft (used to be my stencil drawer but I moved my stencils). Now when I need a little something, I just open the drawer and see all my choices....
Opps..HA HA looking at the picture, the colors are backwards. I'll have to fix that! I have OCD when it comes to my crafts!!! HA HA HA
clic on pic to enlarge

   Here's the link for the diy embellishment boxes

link for the diy buttons

link for the brads

link for the enamel dots

link for the sequins

OK, I hope my embellishment drawer inspires you to create!!

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