Thursday, October 9, 2014

Anniversary card

What a BLAST!!!!! I sort of lost my crafting MOJO but I'm finally getting back into the creative mode.
I made this A2 card for my nieces anniversary. I used the cricut Car Decals for the couple (man @ 1.87"h and lady @ 1.82"h) and 4mm goggley eyes. I used the emboss folder Heart Blocks with a circular diffuser (That was FUN, first time I used them). The word - Happy Couple - is from A Childs Year at 1"h. The inside was done on the silhouette.

I know I know what about my craft room??? its coming.........soon..........LOL!!! just bare with me....PLEASE!!!
When you rearrange a craft room you like how it LOOKS!!!  but........will it work??? I'm having to tweak a few things now that I'm crafting.

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