Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas box card

My Christmas box cards  5x7....I made 15 of them and everything can be found in the silhouette store.
VERY VERY PLEASED at how they came out!! Love these cards!!!
I'm sure the silhouette store has a 5x7 box card but I didn't have time to look, I just followed this video :

I made  rectangle templates to correspond with the box card so I could determine what size to make everything. Then I went to the silhouette store and found all the extras(fire place, stockings, Merry Christmas, Christmas tree (added stickles for decoration), star (added gold glitter), candy canes, ho ho ho, Santa, presents and sentiment on the back(I ungroup  and spread it out more).
Except for the red brick and white mortar on the fireplace, the presents and the sentiment on the back which are print and cut , everything else is cut as layers.

clic on pics to enlarge

this is how it looks closed, I should of used designer paper it looks kind of blah so I  embossed the lower half with "swiss dots".

now, its opened

here it is with 1 stocking (for my Mom)

here it is with 5 stocking

here's a side view

the back

other side

Like I said I made 15 box cards and each card has the recipients/family member names on the stockings.
Otherwise they are all pretty much the same. I can't wait to hear my family/friends reactions. Its just to cute!!
I'll take them to the post office tomorrow.......extra postage?......  it will be worth it, this time.......ha ha ha...ho ho ho...

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