Thursday, February 19, 2015

Creative storage

My work area isn't that big and my xyron machines are on my work desk. Where can I put them? think..think...!! A few weeks ago Michaels had the jetmax cubes on sale(buy one get one free) and I had a 20% off total purchase coupon so I got a few LOL....anyway I got the file drawer and after putting it together I was surprised it didn't have a bottom....OH DEAR! I need a bottom......think think... think some more....brain getting very tired's what I came up with and SURPRISE!!! it works WONDERFULLY!!!!

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jetmax /Recollections file drawer

that's the xyron: 5", 2.5" and 1.5"

inside view

I held a pencil along the slat and drew a line, then punch 1/8" holes above the line and 1/2" apart and wrapped yarn around the bottom slat

bottom of file drawer...LOL I used the front and back of the box. I cut the cardboard 13 1/2 wide x 12 5/8 h. On one piece draw your lines and punch your holes FIRST! then glue the pieces together and after a few hours repunch your holes.

side view of bottom, the cardboard piece lines up perfectly with the slats

TA DA!!! that my crafty friends is creative storage!!!! Now my xyron machines are off my craft desk but within easy reach. LOVE IT!!!!
I'm back to rearranging my craftroom and ORGANIZING my crafts!!! have 3 more jetmax cubes to put together....

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