Wednesday, May 20, 2015

AG Minc machine

Two weeks ago Anna Griffin was on HSN with a Minc 6" foiling machine (mini minc).
I've seen a lot of youtube videos on this foiling and was very interested.
I'm a card maker and this mini size I couldn't resist!!!
It arrived late yesterday, so I played with it this morning.
I LOVE the mini size, it sits on top of my jetmax cubes.
 WARNING! I only had it on about 15 minutes and my jetmax cube was very warm, so I went and got a glass trivet out of the kitchen to put it on.

Here's some samples I played with:
on the left the rose gold and on the right the gold

so SHINY!!!!

this is the gold- you can't see it but there is quite a bit of blank spots and I even ran it thru again and it didn't help much. The setting was at 3.

this is the rose gold and I reread the directions (machines will very) so I put the setting to 4 and YES! much better!!!

I LOVE FOILING!!!!!!!!!!
I'm not a fan of Anna Griffin designs and I got the auto ship, I think I'll cancel the auto ship and get a laser printer....I have a Silhouette so WOW!!! the designs would be endless!!!
If you have the Cricut Explore you can print your designs also.
AG also has glitter sheets - I need to go play....bye - HAPPY FOILING!!

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