Thursday, November 26, 2015

New Baby in the house..Whoot Whoot!!!!

Went to JoAnns last night and I couldn't resist....
They had the Cricut Explore One for $149.
I can't tell you how this has really lifted my Crafting Spirits!!!
Even though my craft room is a disaster zone (rearranging/organizing) I was really in a crafters slump before that and I guess I was just bored with the old cricut having to go through all the handbooks etc and so the silhouette came in and that was fun but I really missed the cricut......So now with the explore one and design space I'm really excited to get my craftroom set up and start playing again.
 I always go shopping on black Friday at Michaels and Hobby Lobby but theres really nothing I need and I really want to get my craft room done so I can start playing with my new I think I'll stay home and get my craftroom ready.HA HA HA

Oh, thats a sneak peek of my craft desk I've set up in my room. LOVE IT!!!!!!
its funny how the rest of the room is a disaster but at least I have my craft desk set up...HA HA HA

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