Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Vinyl organization/storage

I'm gradually getting back into my craftroom.... I'm on facebook and WOW the groups I'm in are addicted to vinyl. Well, I don't have that much and I wanted more so I went to expressionsvinyl.com   and ordered their vinyl samples. GEE WIZZ didn't know there were so many different types/styles of vinyl.
The OCD in me had to organize the samples and here is what I did....Now all I need to do is order the vinyl LOL!!!

the picture does not do the samples justice( the colors and everything is GORGEOUS!!)

Whats What?? I labeled them and then on index cards I wrote out the directions, put the index cards on the rings and put the samples in a drawer near my crafting desk

So the vinyl I did have was on rolls, and that was taking up to much room in my jet max cubes. I HATE ROLLED vinyl it's hard to get it to stick down to the mat. Anyway I decided to cut it into 12x12 sheets. DANG! it wants to roll up..... aarrgh..... I set huge notebook/books on top and left it for several days.
I went to Hobby Lobby and found these, it was a pkg of 10. PERFECT!!!

OCD kicks in and I made labels on the silhouette, for now I've stuck it to the side. If I like this I'll stick labels on the front too.

for the vinyl I already had I put the directions inside

and this is how its stored/organized
jetmax cube (bottom) - 3rd slot is removable vinyl, 4th slot is HTV and 5th slot is permanent

 let me see what else needs to be done in my craftroom.

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