Sunday, June 12, 2011


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ROTFLOL!!! The real reason I had to have the Buccaneer cart for the Imagine.....Its the most cutest Treasure box!!! Can you Imagine adding a tag  "Your a Treasure".....LOL...I cut this at 6". I was just trying this out and used flimsy cs and didn't score it very well. Next time I'll use a heavier cs and really score it.
Heres the front ( the little (paper) pin isn't very good to hold it shut, use a mini brad)

heres the side..LOOK it even has handles!!! How cute is that!!!LOL

the all the details!!!

OK, what will a 6" chest hold???
A mini candy bar!!!!LOL!!! or how 'bout those chocolate coins?? or better yet..make it
about 7"- 8" and put rolled up money......ROTFLOL!!

Now you know you want the Bucaneer cart!!! to make your own "TREASURES"......LOL

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  1. This was just too cute! I'm glad I saw it! Come and visit if you get a chance!