Thursday, June 30, 2011

New creative Inspirations to play with!!!!!

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OH! I'm so EXCITED!!! I got some new toys to play with the cricut and they are so COOL!!!!!
From Chomas Creations I ordered the: mini gel pen holder, gel pens, glitter gel pens, mini sharpie marker holder, micro sharpie marker holder and the embosser kit. While I was at the office supply store getting some mini markers.....Guess what I saw??? mini highlighters!!!! YES, they fit into the mini marker holder, its hard to see on the example but its BRIGHT and they come in different colors too!!!! LOL
This is a piece of cardstock I was playing on, Amy clearly states the markers are for glossy surfaces and next week I'll try them on vellum along with the stay tuned. The letters are : 1", 1/2"  and 1/4"......
I LOVE how CLEARLY the gel pen writes!!!
1) cricut marker
2) mini sharpie marker
3) micro sharpie marker
4) mini gel pens
5) mini highlighter
I don't have an example but the glitter pens really do sparkle!!!
you can get them at
and for the 4th July weekend use coupon code july11 and get 11% off.

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  1. Have fun with them!!! Sounds like you are excited hehe!!! Amy