Monday, March 26, 2012

Birthday card..

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Another Birthday you see a trend?...LOL!

Since my favorite sellers of cricut carts don't exist anymore (Oh my Crafts and proudparents on ebay) and PC hasn't updated their library and theres problems w/updates...I haven't bought I new cart or updated anything since last summer... I'm very PROUD of myself!!! My NEW TREND is called "Getting to know the carts you already have" ROTFLOL!!! heres a card I made for my niece.
All Sports cart- swimmer on front @ 5.08"h, I used vellum for the goggles and peachy keen face stamp. isn't it CUTE!! the sentiments were done with the silhouette. Inside of card the diver is cut @ 5.45"h  the face is so little I drew it on by hand...LOL the waves are from Plantin Schoolbook @ 1.47"h
Using All Sports cart reminds me of the newspaper comic strip "Love is...." except I say "Birthdays are like..." LOL....I like this cart..I have quite a few cute sentiments planned....the only thing is some of  the layers are way to small for a standard card...GEEZ PC what were you thinking?? not all of us do LO!

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  1. Nice card and I really like your will power. I haven't purchased very many cartridges lately either because like you said I need to get to know what I have a little better and I should get my monies worth from what I have before I keep buying more!