Monday, March 5, 2012

St Patricks Day treats

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These are the treats I'll be taking into work...(I made 60 of them)

Lifes a Party cart- treasure chest @ 6.11w x 6.88h
Silhouette -(7 labels C01087_20509 and "Luck" phrase C01018_17986) sized 2"w x 1.53"h
I LOVE MY SILHOUETTE!!! I love the fact that I can print/cut a sentiment otherwise I would of just put a shamrock on top. Which would of been OK, but I like sentiments!!

Sentiment done on the silhouette- SO QUICK and EASY!! I used printer paper, since I wanted it to curve.

close up of sentiment

sentiment on top of treasure chest, ran it thru the xyron

front view of treasure chest

YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY!!! 3 Rolo's inside (treasure notice the gold foiling and of course the "golden" carmel hidden inside the mouth is watering just talking about it...ROTFLOL)

I really only needed about 40 but this was so QUICK/EASY I kept going...LOL
Now, I have to work on cards for my family ...LOL...I can't seem to get my priorities in order....ha ha ha

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  1. Super cute! I am loving my Cameo too! Great idea and thanks for sharing.