Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bird nest- 8 days old

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Hello my birdie watchers....
First off.. 4 eggs were laid 3 weeks ago and only 2 survived....SAD NEWS, I know!! The 3rd egg hatched but theres no birdie...I don't know what happened and the 4th egg is still in the nest unhatched. Anyway...heres an update on my two grandbirdies..they are 8 days old since hatching LOL!! they are still fuzzy and they have their eyes open now and BOY! can they stretch their heads up now when Momma comes to feed.  It looks so cute when they are being feed, you can see two bobble heads above the nest...ROTFLOL!!!

I know its hard to see - the nest is brown and so are the birdies..
this was taken this morning

this was in the late afternoon

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  1. "Cute" little guys! The one that is missing probably was not alive & got removed by the parents. Or, the egg just broke and there was no baby in it. 2 out of 4 is not bad odds for birds, so you're doing good! Keep showing them on Cricut. I love watching them grow.