Sunday, June 24, 2012

Are these "Perfect" pearls????

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I was youtubing the other day and GOOD GRIEF! I have to try that.........
Try what? making my own pearls, different sizes too... LOL

YEP! it works and they are PERFECT!! Their perfect cause I used this

Can you say perfect pearls for perfect pearls......ha ha ha ha......

Heres the video:

Isn't that the HOTTEST thing????
I had to run out and get a HIGH temp glue gun....yes, High temp works better and I only had two pearl powders so I HAD TO get more....ROTFLOL
For me, I can't do anything random, I need a guide. So I made one.....

Now all my hot glue dots will be the same..hopefully..sorta...close enough....he he he
I took the guide and I slipped it under my (oven) nonstick mat which is almost transparent. I started making dots just like in the video. I did one row then dipped my finger in the pearl powder and rubbed it on the dot.( I thought the brush wasted too much powder) repeat - dip rub dip rub until the row is done. then do another row.
This is how it looks


OK, when I started popping them off with my fingers, the powder was coming off....uugghh....BUT WAIT!!! I saw on another video that if you put them in the FREEZER for awhile they won't stick to each other it sets the glue.....HEY!! wait a minute what does this have to do with the powder? keep reading.. I'm getting I carefully took my cricut spatula and scraped them off and put them on a piece of cardstock and put them in the freezer for about an hour.  HERES an FYI.....I don't know if it sets the glue but the powders react to moisture...YES!! this is SUPER  when you take your pearls out of the freezer DO NOT TOUCH THEM!!! they're wet.....leave them on the cardstock and let them dry out about another hour or two and VIOLA!! look at those pearls SHINE and the powder is set!!!
Heres a sample of some of my pearls: Sour Apple, Sunflower Sparkle, Blueberry Rasberry and Perfect copper.......oh and I made some plain ones too...

AAAHHHHH LA LA LA....I'm in PEARL heaven!!!!
YOUR WELCOME!! Have some pearly fun!!!

UPDATE (4-25-13)
Questions about my template.
I have a program on my computer "American Greetings" if memory recalls thats what I used. I made a bunch of circles and just resize them. Or I also have this (picture below) I found it at Office Depot in the drafting section. Just trace the size of circles you need.

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  1. What a wonderful idea!
    Thanks for sharing all of your tips.

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    Tine (Addie24)

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    Love your template, Thanks!

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