Thursday, June 14, 2012


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ROTFLOL!!! several months later.....I'm  FINALLY satisfied with my new craft room....LOVE IT!!! everyone says its too small but its "just right". The room is 7' x 12'  but my "craft area" is 7' x 9.5'. The other end is my computer/office area and it's not organized yet. Crafts do come FIRST!! LOL
When you walk in you see my cubes. LOVE JETMAX CUBES!!!

this is the opposite side. The shelfs are the freestanding units from the Container Store.

and the center,  my cricut machines on a cart.  I LOVE LOVE how I can just turn my chair and reach EVERYTHING!!!!!!


 THERES MORE!!!!! he he he......

remember the first pic of the jetmax cubes? see the 3dr cubes...9 of those drawers are empty. They used to hold my cricut if they are empty...where are my cartridges????????
I was surfing youtube and someone was showing how they store their cartridges. So let me just say I scraplifted this idea. THANK YOU whoever you are....I PRAISE your idea!!

Isn't this the BEST!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! look at all the room I have!!! each shelf will easily hold 11 carts. I put 10 so they'd be and the Imagine carts below. OH!! the cricut heads are not included....ROTFLOL!!!! it's just hanging on the door I didn't screw it on (its a hollow door) and the weight of the carts keeps it stable. Since this is my craftroom I never close the door (the door is closed for picture purposes only) HA HA
What is it and where did I get it? your screams of excitement have been heard. he he he

its CLOSETMAID adjustable 8 teir wall and door rack - model 1233 and item 335499 and its around $35. at Lowes home Improvement store. NOW RUN!!! and get yourself one!!! ok, order it online. JUST GET ONE uuhhh...some of you may need two or three...HA HA HA HA!!!!!

Now I have a new problem.....What to do with all this extra space and the empty jetmax drawers........
I need some enableing???? Any suggestions


  1. What a great idea for cart storage!!! TFS!

  2. Your room looks great! I love the color of the walls.

  3. I love your craft room. Everything within reach is a good idea. I saw the cart you are using for your machines at Sams Club. How do you like it? Is it stable enough for the imagine? Is there any vibration when you cut? Oh, btw, I didn't see an embossing machine in any of your pics. Maybe you can add a cuttlebug or bigshot to your room ;-)


    1. Thanks, the cart for the machines is very sturdy and does NOT wobble when cutting. I LOVE IT!!
      oopps..look at the first pic big shot is sitting on top of the jetmax cubes...LOL

  4. Congratulations on your new space. It looks like a lot of fun. I would say to leave the drawers empty as CHA is later next month. The real estate will come in handy to house the new products that will be released. Enjoy your new space!

  5. Love your room. Thanks for linking it up on my blog! :-)

  6. Your 6x6 paper pads fit in the drawers perfectly! ~^.^ love your blog you.are super funny!

  7. The room is great and the space is adequate for all your needs... I too, love the wall color!! I am subscribed to all of your tutorial posts, love your work!! 😃