Monday, September 3, 2012

Twine organization

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Duh! I made all those backpacks and used embroidery thread instead of my twine....aaarrrgghhh....out of sight - out of mind....I forgot about it.
This is how I use to store my a matchbox

then I had them stored in one of the 3-dr jetmax cubes with my ribbon. Its hard to see the color of the twine.....

So I SEARCHED! theres not much on twine I checked embroidery and found this on youtube:

YES!! I LOVE THIS!!! this is PERFECT!!!

I ran to Wal-Mart and got the wooden spring clothespins (50 for $1) came home and made my labels on the computer and got to work....oh, thats 5 yds of twine ea....PRETTY HUH???

and put them in a LARGE clear bucket (from Hobby Lobby)

Now this bucket sits on my craft table so I can SEE IT and USE IT!!!ROTFLOL...notice all the extra room for MORE twine...LOL....I have more on the way and my clothespins are labeled and ready

I joined a twine share on the cricut MB about 4 months ago, got my share and stored it (out of mind) and didn't remember I had twine till I noticed it was time for another share.....HA HA it was one of those Oh Yeah!! I have twine!!! I haven't used it YET! and I'm getting another share...I LOVE TWINE!! now that its on my craft table maybe I'll use it instead of collecting it!! HA HA HA HA I know your probably thinking how can I forget when it was in my ribbon drawer.......Thats EASY...I forget to add ribbon to my projects...I need to work on that too....LOL...I'm a HOPELESS crafter....ha ha ha

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