Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Baby Shoes

A co-worker asked if I could make a baby shower goodie...The theme is Minnie Mouse and its for a girl.
So this is what I came up with.....HA HA!!!! I LOVE THEM!!!! SO CUTE!!!! and EASY!!!
I found the baby shoe in the silhouette store I sized it to 5.530"w x 9.095"h and I googled Minnie Mouse and traced/cut it at .945"w x 1"h and ran it thru my xyron then tied it with pink yarn. Theres 50 baby shoes or 25 pairs.  The actual shoe is 1.25"h x 2"w at the toe and tapers to 1.50"w at the heel x 3.50"l
I can't believe how CUTE they came out and they were so EASY to put together.
FYI- after cutting the shoe: lace the shoe (yarn) and tie then add the decorations(Minnie Mouse) then glue your shoe together...I used Zip Dry glue the the Scotch Quick Dry was not quick enough...ha ha ha

clic on pic to enlarge


  1. Oh they are too cute! The shoes are adorable! I bet you are a very crafty person. I don't think i can make even just one. I'm not really good with these things. Your friend must be really happy about these shoes that you have made.