Saturday, March 23, 2013

Do you remember every card/project you've made???

With age comes memory loss...LOL....I've been making cards/projects for several years and before I got my blog I didn't know you were suppose to take pictures of your projects.....OH WELL....its never to late to start ....The other day I was trying to think of a card for a friend and...I have a lot of  friends!!! I wanted to use the cricut Teddy Bear Parade cart....WAIT!  didn't I already send that one?? who did I make that one for??? or what about Easter....what project have I made???? Heaven Forbid you make the SAME THING AGAIN!!!!!aaarrrggghhhh...............
So I came up with a "PROJECT BOOK"  . Do I hear ya saying DUH???? I don't recall ever seeing something like this.....if you have...SHAME on you for not reposting it and refreshing my memory..ROTFLOL!!!
I got a 3 ring binder and plastic sleeves and cardstock and post-it note tabs(you'll need one for every occasion/ family member/friend/anniversary). Here's how I did mine.....

clic on pics to enlarge

notebook-label was done on the computer

plastic sleeves with white cardstock inserted

post-it note tabs for every holiday and special days

for privacy purposes I won't show family/friends tab names, but now put a tab for every family/friend and their anniversary-----when I was doing mine for example I put a tab for my brother then a tab for his wife then a tab for their anniversary.
I shrunk the pics to 2"h and taped them to the cardstock,  pics are not in order.
it's the cards/projects I've made over the years at one glance!!



my Mom's tab (birthday)

my brother and sil anniversary tab

WAIT!!!! I just had another the top of each family/friend/anniversary page put their date of birth or anniversary date. So at a glance you'll know their age or how long they've been married. 
I hope I've explained this well enough for you to understand and create your own book... : )

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  1. I take a photo of every project I make along with a description of how I made it, sizes, etc. Also I make note of what I might change if I made it again. I put each photo and instructions in a small album. Every January I start a new album. I started this in 2010 I like looking back to see what I have done.