Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Easter cards

I had a CRAFTING DAY!!! Haven't had one in ages, it felt GOOD!!!! Got my Easter cards-12-done!! WHAHOO!
I used the Imagine cart Best Friends for the clouds and that was printed 5"x5" sq and trimmed down to 3.75"w x 5"h and rounded the cut side with a corner punch. Inspired Heart for the cross was cut at 2.62"h  black cardstock and WHO KNEW? Inspired Heart has phrases!!! YEP!! the risen phrase was cut from VINYL....yes, vinyl!!!! I tried cardstock but the letters were too delicate and was messing up trying to get them off the mat and how would I glue it down. The xyron was also a mess....so I trashed the cardstock and started over with VINYL!! PERFECT!!!!! OH MY GOSH!!! I'm going to stock up on vinyl!!! its so.....easy. I don't know why I didn't think of it before....   the phrase was cut at 2.12"h. I LOVE how the card came out!!!

clic on pic to enlarge

ROTFLOL!!! I love the sentiment on the inside.....it was done on the silhouette.

and here's the envelope - MS mini scoreboard

I am SO GLAD I KEPT MY IMAGINE!!!! I almost got rid of it...GASP!!

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  1. Beautiful cards!

    Just updated my Imagine today, hadn't used it in a while -- not even thinking of giving it up... lol!!!