Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Boa scarf

This is a regular scarf using the Boa yarn -color: Raven. I used a single strand, I think I used 18 pegs and used the flat e-wrap. I originally made this for my 10 yr old nephew (Christmas) but kinda got carried away and made it too long...LOL...I used 3/4 of a skein but realized it was too long so the 1st one will go to my oldest son and then I made another one a little shorter using the rest of the first skein and about 1/4 of another. The 1st scarf is about 8"wide and 36"long and the 2nd scarf is 8"wide and 32"long. it's hard to measure cause it's so stretchy and SUPER SOFT!!!

clic on pic to enlarge

For a regular scarf I like the single strand, this Boa yarn is a #5 which is considered bulky so it'll be plenty warm. 

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