Sunday, July 21, 2013

Meet the BOOT family....

Papa Boot stands at 8" tall, Mama Boot stands at 6" tall and Baby Boot stands at 4" tall.
I got the file from SVGCUTS "Happy Trails". I embossed the top of the boot with folder "bubbles".
I have this project in mind and I needed a boot. Papa boot was way to big, so I shrunk the file 50% and made Baby boot....yes, its cute...but what a disaster!!! the pieces didn't really fit together correctly and it was almost impossible to glue everything together. It was way to small (I'll never make a little one again). Then came Mama boot I shrunk the file to 75% and its PERFECT!!! for what I want it for.....stay tuned for that.....
Papa, Mama and Baby...What does this remind you of??? HA HA HA...The 3 Bears......HA HA HA
Oh, I used Recollections cardstock and ZIP DRY paper glue. A fast drying glue is needed

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Heres the youtube video...

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