Tuesday, August 13, 2013

NEW play pretties....

Their called PANPASTEL
here's the link:  http://www.panpastel.com/

 and I ordered them from BLICK art materials because they take paypal and if you check their sight regularly they have GREAT sales.
Here's the link;   http://www.dickblick.com/products/panpastel-artists-painting-pastels/

I ordered the 20 color sets - Tints(light) - Painting(medium) - Shades(dark)
I ordered these sets after reading all the reviews because you get almost every color and hardly any repeats.
You can buy individual colors too.

clic on pic to enlarge

 Here's the SHADES kit


as you can see one is messed up and within 3 days I got a new kit and returned this one. FANTASTIC SERVICE!

the PAINTING (I bought extra lids)

they come stacked

Here's why I ordered the 3 kits, I call them; lights(top row), Medium(middle row), Dark(bottom row)
(I made the labels on my Silhouette)

Aren't ALL the colors GORGEOUS!!! the only "extra" colors are 1 white and 1 black

I embossed and colored it with the pastels.....PRETTY huh??

LOOK at how well it blends.....                                                                                                               

I made some stencils (patterns from the Silhouette store) this one I used                                                                 too  much  pastels                                                                                                                                                                                                           

getting better ...Practice will make it PRETTY, Love the Brick....A little dab will do....HA HA                   

 I'm an ORGANIZING freak when it comes to my crafts!!!!!!!                                                                  
It took me a while to figure it all out but I got it done!! HA HA HA..........                                              
OK, each kit comes with 4 lids, 4 storage jars. Here's my math problem.....I wanted a lid and storage jar for every color (60 colors). aaaaaakkkkkk.......I already have 12 lids  and 12 storage jars....................
 So, here's what I ordered:  Lids(8pk) x4, Storage jars (3 jars-1 lid)x16, soft covers (10) #1 x3, soft
covers (10) #2 x3-I wanted extra soft covers.     HA HA See....it wasn't easy but it worked out          
I then went to Wal-Mart and got a bunch of cheapy makeup wedges(they work just as well) and several rolls of the cheapest paper towels(put your cardstock on a paper towel when using the pastels..less mess) and to Hobby Lobby and got a pastel eraser and a can of Krylon Crystal Clear(you need to protect the pastels from rubbing off).  I think I'm all set....ha ha ha......                                                

each color has a wedge and foam cover                                                                                                    

the pastel and storage jar (labeled both)                                                                                                 

the 12x12 drawers I store them in                                                                                                           

FYI- I'm on a tight craft budget...I did NOT buy this all at once....it has taken me several months....I destashed my crafts and the money I made I was able to purchase these sets and because I destashed I have room for them..HA HA HA
I'm really going to be HAPPY with my PanPastels cause they won't dry out and no reinking..HA HA HA
I've watched all the youtube videos ---I'm going to have a lot of fun with these.
EXCUSE the messiness of this post..blogger isn't working right....I don't know how to fix it... 

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  1. Those look fabulous! I hope they work as well as they say. I would love to have some of them, but as you said, I am on a tight budget right now and don't have enough to destash. Well I will just have to put them on my to get someday list.