Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Craftroom - total view

After how many years (too many to count) of moving and reorganizing my crafts. Not to mention all the youtube videos and craft sites and blogs trying to figure out my craftroom...DUH? it finally dawned on me, it wasn't my crafts but the actual crafting area. If you look at all the previous posts, my craft area FACES A WALL and I was in a corner. I'm always facing a wall.....UGH!!!! THAT WAS THE PROBLEM!!! at least for me. That is why I finally put my crafting area (sort of) in the middle of the room and I'm NOT facing a wall. I can look all feels so much better!!!! So in the before posts I had my crafting area on  shelving units (Container Store) and the jetmax cubes were always near by.......I've done the opposite NOW!  The shelving units are in the closet holding my excess crafts and the jetmax cubes are now my crafting area. The boards that create my craft area are 48"l x 24"w and I have 2 of them so my area is 48" x 48"...COOL HUH!!! and the jetmax cubes support the boards.

clic on pics to enlarge

This is the entrance to my room (on the far right is my computer area, which is still a disaster-no pics). As you view the pics notice the boards and jetmax cubes.

 LOOK FAMILIAR??? I didn't get to move into the room I wanted, so I moved back into this room.

here's my cardstock/paper

this is the front of my crafting area
left side: stamps,stickles,embossing paste,scissors,cricut mats,silhouette mats an empty drawer and glues are in the other
right side:(future) stencils,twine,cutter,score pal,12x12 ceramic tile(heat embossing),envelope maker,MS mini scoreboard and heat gun

this is the top view (sneak peek yesterday) little drawers:emossing powders/pad, glue dots, cricut tools.
next drawers: clips, paper piercer,mini markers,markers, punches.

my imagine and expression-found the cart online at Walmart

this is the other side:3dr cubes- sew easy, ribbons,glitter,misc.(embellishments),knifty knitter stuff and an empty drawer

this is the backside-its what you see when you come in
3dr cubes:extra tapes/glue, hot glue, (diy) flower supplies, empty drawer,vinyl(rolls) and empty drawer.
4dr cubes:embossing folders, big shot dies, xyron 1.5 refill, xyron 2.5 refill, xyron 5" refill and 3 empty drawers.

this is the closet
left side 

right side of closet

back of door- Cricut carts in alphabetical order-(Home Depot had the organizer)

I have to move some around...I WON 2 carts(elegant edges/paper lace) on ebay...HA HA!!! shhhh....

LAST window.......HA HA HA!!! (its just paper cricut heads I stuck on the blinds)I'm looking for new curtains

THE END!!! thats my NEW IMPROVED CRAFTROOM!!!!!! what do you think???

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  1. Very nice room! I just spruced up my Cricut cartridge collection yesterday and am now working on paring down my number of stamps. Need to try and create more space to work on my projects.