Wednesday, April 2, 2014

SCORE!!!! at WalMart.....

OH MY!!! I went to WalMart to get groceries and LOOK!!! I said to myself "OH MY, These would be  PERFECT for all those little embellishments. GREAT organization cause they are SEE THRU!!!! LOVE IT!!!" no more sticking brads and buttons on boxes so you'll know whats inside.
Theres 50 containers (2oz.) WITH LIDS! and for $3 thats like .06 cents a container. HA HA I think I can afford it......I found them in the paper plate/cups isle. After setting up my craftroom I'm TRYING to be a better crafter and I'm getting into embellishments. They look so NICE on cards!!!

clic on pic to enlarge

heres a close up 

I can't wait to start organizing in these...they are so CUTE!!

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